Same-Sex Households
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Saddened by the NC Ban on gay marriage AND civil unions

The vote is upsetting but reading the comments from people on Yahoo is even more disturbing. Why is it everytime the subject of gay marriage is discussed, the argument that if gay marriage is allowed...then what's next? You can marry an animal? Why does homosexuality get lumped in with beastiality as an argument?

Furthermore, why do so many people care what happens between 2 CONSENTING adults of ANY gender? It's not like we want to have our weddings in the living rooms of straight people!! How exactly is having our loved one protected just as their husband or wife is protected in many areas so damnable to these people?

What a shiitty way to start the morning...reading that news story. Sad

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Re: Saddened by the NC Ban on gay marriage AND civil unions

  • I'm from NC, born, raised, and still live here. Yes the vote passing this ignorant amendment sucks but it will eventually get overturned. Funny enough that only 30% of the NC population voted. Ignorant people vote for things they don't understand and follow along like sheep. They thought they were voting against same sex marriages but they did more harm to straight couples in this state. Same sex marriage was already banned in NC. I've wondered since I'm now considered a second class citizen then why should I have to pay state taxes to a state that I can't have equal rights in. This amendment is going to cause a LOT of lawsuits and spend years in courts from people losing healthcare for their kids to senior citizens losing their deceased spouses pensions. Yes NC voted itself right back to the 1950's when blacks had no right to vote or any other rights. NC also passed an amendment in the late 1800's banning any kind of interracial marriage and that hasn't lasted so we'll see what time does to this one.
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