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Sympathy lactation for Tamb

I was reading the post about Tamb pumping 50 oz (?!?) and suddenly realized my chest was wet and cold. Apparently I had a sympathy letdown because my baby isn't crying or even due to eat for another 20 minutes, and she's been sleeping on my lap for the past half hour, in the exact same place.  I can't think of one reason why I would suddenly leak a fuckton of milk and soak my pajamas right now aside from maybe my boobs feeling sorry for her boobs and trying to donate for the cause or leaking in solidarity or something. 99% of the time I leak like this, it's because I change Babysaurus before I feed her and it takes too long/she cries all through the change. FREAKY.

Tamb, does this make us...bosom buddies?



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Re: Sympathy lactation for Tamb

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