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How often do you wash your bedding? Pillows?


Re: How often do you wash your bedding? Pillows?

  • Well I'm horrible about this one. My husband is gone on a ship every other month so I slack off when he isn't home. I work a corporate job though so I use my long hours as an excuse lol honestly, every other week when he is gone even though I'd like to do it weekly.
  • My fiance cleans the bedding once a week and washes the pillows once every 1-2 months. We do have the protective coverings on them.  I do hate that our pillows never feel the same after they are washed. they always feel lumpy.

  • I wash my bedding weekly, just the sheets though.  Don't really wash the actual pillows, but the cases get washed with the sheets.
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  • I am not that regimented.  Sheets every two weeks.  I never heard of washing pillows - just the cases. I wash the blankets and duvet cover every 3-6 months.  Depends on how they feel/smell.  I tend to do them after I or my husband has been sick or if it just seems time. I guess I am not the best house wife either.
  • To the person that said, "I try to wash them once a week which means I do it ever 2-3 weeks." Too funny.   I can relate!  
  • image xu:
    About one monthStick out tongue


    This! I thought I was doing pretty good when I got my sheets done once a month! How many pairs of sheets does everybody have?

     I do pillows every few months when they are looking a little worse for the wear. 

  • I change oure fitted sheet every week, the flat she et every 2 weeks and our duvet cover every 2 weeks.  The pillowcase get changed every week as well.  We never wash pillows as they tend to get lumpy.  So we buy new ones when ours get gross. 

    We have about 6 complete sets of sheets but we only use half.

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  • I wash my sheets weekly, including the pillow covers.  I've always purchased new pillows when the old ones just aren't cutting it... it never occurred to me to wash my pillows.

    When people say they wash their pillows do you mean actually putting them in your washer/dryer?  Sorry if this seems like a basic question, it just never occurred to me that this was a possibility!

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