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How often do you wash your bedding? Pillows?


Re: How often do you wash your bedding? Pillows?

  • I wash my sheets weekly. I have several extra pillowcases so I can change mine at least every other day if not daily due to the hair products I use. I have a duvet over and wash it monthly since I still use a top sheet with it. Comforters and pillows I take to a laundry mat because I need the over-sized machine and I do that every two months.

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  • Not often enough, I'm sure.  The sheets and pillowcases every couple weeks, the blanket once a month because it's huge.  Am I supposed to actually we washing my pillows?  I usually just put them outside in the sun.  Ooops Huh?
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  • Hmm, this thread makes me feel a little bad! Sheets, once/month. Pillowcases, 2x/month. Duvet, once/quarter. But pillows! ack - once/year! :-o. Never considered just throwing pillows away. Time for a trip to the laundromat to get all the pillows done, I guess!
  • From reading other posts here maybe I am washing the bed linens too often? I do have pets and very sensitive skin so I have found washing the sheets to be helpful but maybe I'm over doing it. Confused Anyway, I wash the sheets and pillow case once a week, the comforter and any blankets every two weeks, and the actual pillow every so often. I made sure to buy plain white sheets too in order for them to be bleached, the rest of the bed linens are of any color/pattern.
  • I am right there with you. I never knew you were supposed to wash pillows? This is something I've never even heard anyone ever doing until this post - I'm a freak about cleaniness with most things, but especially my bed... Pillows???!!!????
  • I have NEVER  heard of washing pillows. I get hypo allergenic pillow covers that protect the pillows from getting dirty (kinda like a mattress pad) and helps with allergies. This means I only have to replace the pillows when they wear out; the ones I get usually last several years. I'll wash the pillow/mattress covers seasonally.

    I wash sheets/pillow cases weekly and have a spare set so that I can remake the bed immediately/have a back up in case I want to change them mid-week.

    My mother never washed comforters unless they were visibly dirty lol... My husband gets hot easily, so I'm opting for lighter quilts and blankets for our bed. I'll prob wash those seasonally also. 

  • image juno:
    I wash the sheets weekly; the duvet cover, blankets, shams, and pillow/mattress covers monthly; and the feather pillows maybe twice a year.  I have zip-up dustmite/bedbug barriers on my pillows, so they stay pretty clean inside those.  I'd probably like to do it seasonally, but It takes forever to dry the pillows and the feathers are smelly when they are wet, so I don't do it very often.  My new 100% down pillows and comforter say dry clean only, so I might take those in seasonally.


     any good one to reccommend?

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  • Here is our schedule:

    pillow cases: weekly

    sheets: bi-weekly (I'm a little lazy)

    comforter/coverlet & shams: monthly

    top sheet (our dogs sleep with us - I know I know): weekly if not more

    mattress pad: every 6 months

    We had friends that got a king bed right after they got married and I was shocked at the cost for king bedding! It almost broke their bank! It was the best piece of marriage/home management advice I ever got: Buy a queen you'll save $ and you'll sleep closer.  

  • You should wash your sheets & pillow cases in hot water once a week. 
  • I wash my sheets and pillow cases each week, and trade them out with a clean pair that I have.  I have also been washing our comforter each week. 
    I wash the pillows once a month or less.  I suppose they should be done more often but I'm not that worried about them.  More so the sheets and pillow cases. =D

  • I agree and Im not a goodhouse wife either i need a class on housewife101 lol..
  • I change sheets and pillowcases weekly can't go a day over. Sometimes before the week is up, depends on how hot it is.
  • Sheets every Sunday and Wednesday. I was the pillows and comforter once a week. 

  • Sheets every Sunday and Wednesday. I wash the pillows and comforter once a week. 

  • Sheets every Sunday and Wednesday. I wash the pillows and comforter once a week. 

  • i was our bedding weekly, and our comforter about 1-2 times a month.  i have never washed my pillows, dont relly know how to, so i just buy new ones.... bed habit
  • I try to do my sheets once a week to every two weeks depending on activity and season. The comforter or quilts or bedspread I wash monthly and pillows I just toss in the dryer on high for 10 minutes monthly. Hope this helps.
  • Its very important to change your bedding weekly, you shed billions of skin cells every day and those skin cells arent something you want to bask in for weeks on end. Busy bee', i totally understand its tough but its important, maybe try using baby powder in between washes as it helps absorb some of that ick. :)
  • Sheets- I'd love to say weekly, but that's just not the case, more like bi-weekly.

    Pillows- I put them in the dryer on high heat for a half hour every week. No idea if it really "cleans" them, but I saw it on Pinterest so I figured, "Why not?"

    Comforter- Ugh this is so gross, it says dry clean only, so it's never been washed D: We've only had it for maybe 5 months, but I'm about to either wash it and see what happens, or just buy a new set that I can wash. 

  • Weekly, I have oversized machines so it's only one load for our king size set.. I love the feeling of clean sheets I'd do them more if I had time
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  • I wash our sheets every other week, should weekly im sure lol. pillow cases every week, just because of those face oils! yuck! and comforter, like once every three weeks or so.
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  • I wash the fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillow cases once a week. I usually wash my comforter and pillows every few months. I will wash throw blankets as needed. If someone is sick in the house then I will wash the bedding as soon as they are not sick anymore and clean the entire room.
  • I Agree. About every other week for me too...I am in grad school so I have been a terrible housewife lately..I really shouldn't be on here reading post..I am just so burnt out with school, My mom on the other hand washes her bedding every 5 days...I personally can't do that.


  • We, ( I ) are germaphobes so the bed stays really really clean.

    We wash our sheets every other week when the maid comes but only because we take showers before bed and in the morning. We never lay in bed in the middle of the day and if we do the bed is made and the sheets don't get touched. Our King size bed is a huge pillow top brand new and encased in a mattress protector and the box springs are also encased in protectors. Then we have a topper we just got which is covered with a mattress pad followed by the sheets, the coverlet and then comforter. Because we are in Texas, GO TEXANS, duvets are super heavy and we haven't wanted to invest in that just yet. I like to sleep with coverlet and comforter because the AC gets kicked down low at night but he only sleeps with top sheet so we are compromising.

    Our precious 3 and 5 pound Yorkie puppies are not allowed on top of the bed and if they do because thier daddy wants to play with them its only on the comforter and that gets washed within a day or so professionally at the cleaners.

    Our pillows are tempurpedic so they dont get washed ever but they are encased in protectors. Our throw pillows do not get washed because they dont get used. The throw pillows in the livingroom get washed once every other month.Our decor pillows on the bed are all encased in protectors too then covered by their decor sham.

  • More often than The Nest updates their "Hot Topics" list.
  • The sheets get washed once a week.  Blanket once a month.  Duvet cover once every 2-3 months.  I buy pretty low-quality pillows, and I usually replace them every 4 months or so.
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  • 2 weeks for bedsheets & pillows..

    1 month for duvet cover..

    every 3 month for the whole quilt.

  • I wash my bedding every week.... Along with my pillows... I wash the duvet every 2-3 weeks! It's crazy but it just sleeps so much better with fresh sheets! ;)


  • I've never washed my pillows! Won't they loose the shape?

    I have multiple sets of sheets so I just change the sheets about every two weeks, when I remember. And wash the sheets as I change them. I wash the pillow cases about every month, also when I remember. I sometimes fall asleep with my makeup still on and then I will wash all my pillow cases to remove the makeup.

    Im not a good house keeper, MIL tells me it will come with time. I hope so. lol 

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  • every week. hubby does laundry(score!) now since LO we do it 2x a week Mon and Thurs.

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