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How often do you wash your bedding? Pillows?

Just curious what others do. 

I have a king size bed so when I do my bedding it is at least 2 loads of laundry.  When I do my pillows it is 2 or 3 more loads (I have a lot of pillows).  I do the bedding a lot more often then the pillows. 


Re: How often do you wash your bedding? Pillows?

  • Usually every other week for the sheets. I think you're supposed to do it weekly, but I'm just not that great of a housewife. 
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    Weekly for the sheets and comforter, I wash my pillows every three weeks or so. It depends. I go to the laundry matt though, I know I am one of the few people that LOVE the laundry matt go in get done go home I can was ten loads in two hours.

  • junojuno member
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    I wash the sheets weekly; the duvet cover, blankets, shams, and pillow/mattress covers monthly; and the feather pillows maybe twice a year.  I have zip-up dustmite/bedbug barriers on my pillows, so they stay pretty clean inside those.  I'd probably like to do it seasonally, but It takes forever to dry the pillows and the feathers are smelly when they are wet, so I don't do it very often.  My new 100% down pillows and comforter say dry clean only, so I might take those in seasonally.
  • Every Sunday. Clean sheet night on Sunday is a good way to get back to the workweek in my house.  
  • I wash the sheets weekly. 

    The blankets and comforter - maybe once or twice a season. 

    Pillows - I get new ones about twice a year.

  • Sheets at least every week, sometimes twice, blankets and mattress pad twice a month, I replace our pillows every other month or so.
  • Sheets -- weekly

    Duvet cover, extra blanket, shams -- monthly

    Pillows, duvet, and mattress pad -- a couple times a year

  • Sheets - weekly

    Blankets - monthly 

    Pillows - every few months 

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  • I wash bed sheets once a week, comforters every two or three weeks and never pillows. I keep them in these dust/bug protector covers and one of the gifts my Mom gives us kids (there are six of us) every Christmas is four new pillows. So I just throw away the old ones. 

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  • I've never washed my pillows.  Haven't ever really thought about it. Hmm. I have not been able to find a pillow that is comfortable for me - easy to be too fat or too thin.  So I buy a pillow or two every year. I wash sheets once or twice a month, more in the summer.  We shower before bed, again in the am and of course again if we work out if it's not before the morning shower, so they don't get very dirty.

     Pillow cases get washed once a week and I'd do it more if I had time.  I hate thinking of laying my face where my hair products have been. 

  • Sheets - Weekly (Sunday night) or friday with we're going to be gone for the weekend

    Comforter/Duvet - Every other week

    Pillows - I throw them out ever 3 months and buy new. I just buy cheap target pillows. Throw pillows don't get dirty  

  • I usually do not get time in working days so I wash my bed sheets and pillow covers in weekends. I take boiled water,mix washing powder in it then dip my bed sheets and pillow covers into it for 4-5 hours then after it brushes them an wash them with clean water.

  • Bi-weekly. I always try to get it done weekly, but then I normally forget :( 
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  • Sheets I try to do weekly but with the king bed I get a little lazy and it's usually every 2 weeks.

    I have 2 kinds of pillows: down and tempurpedic so both are a pain to wash but the covers get washed about once a month.The duvet is every couple of months

    The comforter (also down) should be dry cleaned at minimum once a year, but 2 times is best for it.

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  • We change our sheets once a week. Pillow cases sometimes twice a week, if not once a week. Our comforter, once every couple weeks.

  • Sheets once a week for sure. The comforter & matress pad once a month if not more.
  • Sheets: twice weekly

    Blankets/comforter: weekly

    Pillows: I steam clean these weekly

    Mattress pad: weekly

    Mattress: steam clean and vacuum weekly

    Yes. I have germ issues.  :) 

  • For the sheets and pillowcases, I try to wash weekly, which means I wash every 2-3 weeks. 

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  • My mum does mine, but she always does it while im not in and she uses the same sheets so I can only tell when I get into bed i its all soft :D

    She does it once a week, usually on a sunday morning, love my nice cozy bed on sunday nights ^_^ 

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  • I wash it every alternate week
  • I try to was my sheets and blanket every 2 weeks. I should do it more often just don't have the time. 
  • Alright I would consider myself a pretty sanitary person (okay a neat freak), but washing pillows? Do you mean pillow CASES or the actual pillows? Am I supposed to be washing my pillows? omg. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS??

  • I wash our sheets and pillow cases at least once a week...normally I don't make it more than 5 days before I feel the need to wash them.  Mattress pad, blanket and comforter are at least once a month.  Pillows are done seasonally.

    This all changes if one of us has been sick...if that's the case, everything gets done.  We are lucky to have have a high efficiency washer-top loading with no agitator and dryer.  I try to flutter along with FlyLady so usually Sunday morning is usually when I wash the sheets because DH is home and he will move them to the dryer.  (He can't be trusted to not put clothes and delicates in the dryer that shouldn't go in!)

  • About one monthStick out tongue
  • How often do people change their pillowcases? 
  • Weekly for me! I can't sleep if I go a day over  :P
  • I have pets so I wash the comforter monthly so I can get the hair off. The sheets, I do about twice/month. I've never even washed the pillows b/c they are cheapo pillows from Wal-Mart, although after reading this I think I just might!! I have a cal-king so everything has to be in multiple loads too and I should do it more often but it's too much work. I also think it's good to have a spare sheet set for emergencies. You should really put a waterproof matress pad on the bed too, keeps out a lot of stuff you don't want getting on your nice mattress! They don't sound like a tarp anymore either, they are made from treated fabric now. :)
  • Not as often as I should.
  • I wash my sheets including pillowcases once a week. The shams and comforter are dry cleaned 1-2 times per year. The dog is NOT allowed on our bed. He has his own damn bed to sleep on. In the winter when we have more blankets, those are washed about once a month. I used to wash sheets every two weeks, then I realized how gross they got so now I do it more often. The bed gets made once a week for sure when I change the sheets;)
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