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We are about to start our kitchen renovation, and I am starting to look at flooring options. We are definitely going with wood. We have bamboo in our upstairs and we LOVE it, so that is an option that is certainly on the table. But are there others? We don't really like the look of cork (plus this is not our forever house, so I don't think I want something so taste specific). Is bamboo really one of the "greenest" options? I had always thought it was, but then I read something online that made me question it (way it's made, etc).


Re: green flooring options

  • Reclaimed wood?  It might be worth it to put an ad in Craigslist to see if anyone has wood flooring to get rid of. We got 2" thick oak flooring that someone else tore out of their house for a remodel and it just so happens to match the original 1950s oak flooring in the rest of our house. Best of all, it was free to us (well, with the exception of refinishing it).
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  • My first thought was reclaimed wood as well.  But I'm not very helpful in terms of telling you where you can find it.  Do you have any EF building supply stores or contractors near you?

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    I was going to suggest bamboo, but I'm not very familiar with all of the options out there.  Admittedly not knowing much about reclaimed wood, I personally would go the bamboo route over reclaimed wood because bamboo is very durable.  Bamboo is super tough and it should last a long time.  I love that stuff.
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