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Those speculating about Jessica Simpson

I read the People that featured her baby shower in the doc's office yesterday.

It read like she threw her own baby shower. She had about 80 guests. She got something like 40 pairs of shoes for the baby. 

They also said she had gained 40 pounds, which is really not a big deal. I think she could dress a lot cuter and more flattering for her baby belly. 

WIth that said,  the photographer for People who shot the photos did a horrible job and everyone looked like crap. I half wondered if the magazine had gotten wet or had been left open outside for a long time.

Re: Those speculating about Jessica Simpson

  • 40lbs eh?  I know everyone holds their weight differently, but I'm doubting that's the real number.
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  • image speckledfrog:
    40lbs eh?  I know everyone holds their weight differently, but I'm doubting that's the real number.

    I agree.  I gained 27 pounds with my first.  There is no way she has only gained 13 pounds more than I did.  I was bigger than her pre-pregnancy and she looks MUCH bigger than I did at the end of pregnancy.  And yes, like you said, everyone holds weight differently, but that only applies to a certain extent.

    I don't care how much other women gain, etc. as long as they're healthy, but just be honest about it!  Or don't say anything about it all.  It's annoying that she feels the need to lie about it.   

  • She's pretty short though, like 5'2" or 5'3", so 40 pounds probably looks like a lot more on her than on a taller person
  • Maybe it meant to say she gained 40 lbs in her boobs lol
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  • Just wanted to say..isn't she kind of short? I gained 32 pounds in my pregnancy and it literally ruined my body but she looks bigger than I did to me lol. But I think she is a few inches shorter than me and that makes a big difference.
  • image MrsD2006:
    She's pretty short though, like 5'2" or 5'3", so 40 pounds probably looks like a lot more on her than on a taller person

    I agree...40lbs on someone really short will look a lot different than 40lbs on someone of average height or taller....Give the poor girl a break....

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  • Good point about the height, that does make a difference.
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  • I think she looks big, but I doubt she gained more than 40 lbs.  She is super short and has a body shape that doesn't hold weight well. I gained 45 lbs with each of my pregnancies and I didn't look as big as her--- but I am 5'8
  • There is too much of a difference pre pregnancy vs. 3rd Tri pics which lead me to believe that the 40lbs isn't the real number.   I'm 5'3" and gained close to 60lbs during my pregnancy.  I think her weight gain is close to my own IMHO...visually I looked very similar during the end of my pregnancy (8th - 9th month).   


    For myself (looking back), it had a lot to do with lack of good nutrition and exercise which led to such a large gain.  I imagine her pregnancy is very similar.

  • There is no way she only gained 40 lbs. My sister is 5'3" and gained 32 with her first and she didn't look anything like Jessica Simpson. I do feel bad for her being in the spotlight & being scrutinized, but like a PP said, don't lie about it.
  • She has that poly where there is extra amniotic fluid. It makes you look more

    Puffy than you really are.  

  • This makes me feel less crazy:


    From October 26, saying she was 26 weeks pregnant. If that was true she would be 48 weeks pregnant today, I think.

    I am 5'3" and on my first as well. She was definitely really big for being about the same amount of pregnant in that picture as I am now (18 weeks). NOT that I think she should be teased about it or anything. 

    I know Kate Hudson was really honest about gaining a lot of weight with her first and no one really cared. 

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  • yes, the height makes a big difference. I am 5'6 and gained 30 pounds. I was a tiny pregnant woman. 40 pounds on me wouldn't have been a big deal. But if I were 4 inches shorter? Likely a much bigger difference! 

    You are right, don't lie about it. Pregnant women are supposed to gain weight. And since she's a celeb and all, she'll be back to a size 0 like in Daisy Duke time in about 3 months because she'll have ALL this help. Then she'll be like, "I just breastfeed, that's like totally all I do!"


  • Wait, she's pregnant? Oops.......
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