Getting Pregnant

Thanks 3T-NSA!

Thank you so much for the beautiful card!  I still can't wrap my mind around being a "mom-to-be", but what the card said and what you wrote was so lovely it made me cry (in a good way).  Thank you, again!

P.S.  Also, thank you again for the IC - it was the first one I used to test!


Me = 42, DH = 46

7/10 Married and Began TTC

4/11 Referred to RE

5/11 Testing: TSH normal, AMH 0.22, FSH 14.6 = dx DOR; SA count 48 ml, 58% motil, normal morph

5/11 HSG showed tubes clear, suspected uterine polyp; SHG confirmed; surgery to remove polyp

6/11 & 7/11 Annovulatory cycle & Elevated estrogen level cycle delays start of injectible IUI

9/16/11 FSH up to 15.6, Follistim+Ovidrel+IUI=BFP (9/30) CP (10/3)

10-12/11 IUI's 2&3=BFN's, RE says IVF with OE not an option

3/2012 Moving on to DE-IVF, 3/21 D-ER-42R, 32M, 29F, 3/26 ET of 2 B+ blasts

4/5 Beta #1 = 477! 4/9 Beta #2 = 1777!! 4/25 u/s shows one little heartbeat! EDD 12/12/12


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