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PIP: Anyone have the Ikea Hemnes daybed with storage?

I got a new Ikea email today and this image was in it:


This bed is the Ikea Hemnes daybed and the photo really caught my attention. (LOVE the pink!)  Here is the web link for it:

Anyway, my first thought was, amazing idea for DD's new bedroom when we move, cute to decorate around, but the more I thought about it, the more it would also work great in a guest room. You can pull the whole drawer section underneath out and convert it into a full bed, plus the 3 drawers would be great to store bedding and stuff.

Anyone have it? Thoughts?

FWIW we have had excellent luck with Ikea furniture (our bedroom furniture is actually Ikea furniture and has held up beautifully for 9 years now. We do plan to upgrade, but I figure for either DD's new furniture or guest room furniture, it's fine).

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Re: PIP: Anyone have the Ikea Hemnes daybed with storage?

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