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PIP: Anyone have the Ikea Hemnes daybed with storage?

I got a new Ikea email today and this image was in it:


This bed is the Ikea Hemnes daybed and the photo really caught my attention. (LOVE the pink!)  Here is the web link for it:

Anyway, my first thought was, amazing idea for DD's new bedroom when we move, cute to decorate around, but the more I thought about it, the more it would also work great in a guest room. You can pull the whole drawer section underneath out and convert it into a full bed, plus the 3 drawers would be great to store bedding and stuff.

Anyone have it? Thoughts?

FWIW we have had excellent luck with Ikea furniture (our bedroom furniture is actually Ikea furniture and has held up beautifully for 9 years now. We do plan to upgrade, but I figure for either DD's new furniture or guest room furniture, it's fine).

image Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker

Re: PIP: Anyone have the Ikea Hemnes daybed with storage?

  • If my BFF wasn't 6ft tall we'd totally have that in our guest room! We've had our queen Hemnes bed for 8 yrs and its help up great. 
  • Does Dr. G have this one?  Also, didn't Jenna Sue just put these in her sun room?

  • We have the not-quite-so pretty equivalent, the Brimnes, in our guest room.  It's WONDERFUL.  Dude, the storage is amazing, and it really does pull out to a king-size.  The only catch is that if you want to use it as a pull out, you need to get foam mattresses for it, because you can't really stack and still use 2 spring mattresses.

    Also, you want to remember to assemble in the room where it's going to be, because ours would not fit through a fairly standard-size (30") door.  Also, the boxen are fairly heavy and long, but we managed to get them into our Subaru Forester without too many issues.

  • This is our planned bed for DS's "big boy room."  We've just been slacking off about actually getting it!
  • I don't have it, but I keep eyeing it for the closet room/guest bedroom.
  • image HesitantBride:

    Does Dr. G have this one?  Also, didn't Jenna Sue just put these in her sun room?

    Yeah, we got the Brimnes instead but we were considering the Hemnes. It was just too tall for our room and we wanted to arrange them as a sectional:


    I can't speak on behalf of the Hemnes, but we loooove our Brimnes beds and we do plan on using them for guests to sleep (since we have no guest room). Storage is great too. I do like the look of the Hemnes better though and would definitely get it if we were putting it in a "normal" room by itself.

  • We used to have one in my daughter's room. The bed is not easy to pull out, so not something you'd want to use all the time. Also, once my daughter hit 5' she felt like she was crowded in there. I think it's more ideal for young kids. JMO!
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