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I really wish Tamb would update...

Re: I really wish Tamb would update...

  • I know, me too. I'm starting to worry a little bit.

    I sent her a txt at noon, nothing back.


    Yeah that's right my name's Yauch!
  • I went through this a week ago with my friend. It took her just about 22 hours to have the baby from the time her water broke...but at least I got text updates, lol.

    I hope she at least has the baby by now. 

  • I am hoping she is so enamored with her new baby that this board isn't even a blip in her thoughts.

    (But at the same time I am also anxiously awaiting an update!)

    My two sides are fighting with each other!

  • I'm guessing updating us isn't at the top of her priority list, which I can understand! I hope all is well and they're just enjoying visits from family to welcome Joanna.
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  • I bet she is riding that newborn train of exhaustion, elation, and being totally consumed with your brand new LO.  Plus, uploading into tinypics can take awhile!
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  • I remember how much you lose track of time when you are in the moment. We were doing so good with keeping our parents updated every couple hours. Then we went like 6 hours with nothing. Both times when we called to say he had been born they picked up with no joke less than a ring. I guess we really left them on edge but it really felt like a couple minutes had passed for us lol. So hopefully the same is going on with her.
  • Cheesus - I went away for 5 minutes and came back to Tamb's post already having 57 posts!
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