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Tall ceilings/wall decor above TV

Does anyone have any pics of wall decor they've placed on top of/near their TV? We have 10' ceilings, so the wall above (and on either side of) our TV/TV stand is really bare. That said, I don't want wall decor to be too busy and distracting. I think something that is not art/photographs/etc. would probably be best, but I'm having a hard time finding what I'm looking for and thought I'd ask for some pics. :) Thanks!

Re: Tall ceilings/wall decor above TV

  • We are facing the same dilemma. I think the way some people have used ceiling medallions on the wall near their TV's is pretty neat. Leaving them white rather than painting them a bright color seems to be less distracting.

  • I know you said you weren't leaning towards art, but it can also be very simple and not distracting. We have vaulted ceilings and I opted for some cheap and easy canvas art:



    I was considering a large wall clock when I first moved in but I am happy I went this route instead. I think it's worth trying vs buying something expensive that ends up not working well in your space.

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