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Stop the chewing!!

I adopted a dog about 2 months ago, he was suposed to be a puppy and 4 months old, hes definatly older as he already had dirty adult teeth when I took him to the vet to weeks after I got him, he's probibly a little over a year old. 

So the problem he eats and chews on everything he is not supposed to and nothign he is we have tons and tons of dog toys but he finds anything and everythign my husband, toddler or guest leaves out.  He just ruined my sons new bike all that is left is a metal frame it only tooka few min.  I can't keep hime teatherd to me all the time and we did for a while but at some  point he has to be able to go outside in the yard or be in the house.

Second problem he keeps tryign to sleep on the table I have caught him many times and scoled him DH has also but he keeps getting on the table.

He has learned to sit and laydown and to come since we got him but that is all the further we have gotten there are no obidiance classes locally so we are goign to have to go to another city or do it at home.  This is our third dog but nothing seems to work on him he does not care if he did bad.

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Re: Stop the chewing!!

  • Do you have a crate?  Have you crate trained?  Have you used a water bottle to squirt at him when he chews (or bitter apple, or anything)?  Have you given him mentally stimulating toys/treat toys?  Do you take him for walks, or send him to doggie daycare, or do anything else to mentally stimulate the dog and wear him out?  You might just HAVE to keep him tethered to you if you want the problem fixed. Teaching him more tricks helps mentally wear him out, too. Look into an animal behaviorist too, not just an obedience teacher.  It will help get to the root of the problem.

  • We have carte trained but I feel guilty if he is in there all the time.  He doens't care about water for the bitter apple I think he atually likes the apple stuff.

    We live on a farm so he gets lots of outside time running in the pasture and chasing my feed truck, he doesn't pay fetch yet though.  He also plays with my other dog and with the dog that lives next to us they will play all day if  let them.  I have lots of dog toys to chew on, bone and rawhides to.  I will keep working on tricks it's hard with a two year old (my husband has brain cancer so he is not able to help with the dog or the kid at this time so it's just me)

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  • I would strongly urge you to look into crate training and be sure you are providing enough mental and physical stimulation.  Also, to a certain extent you just have to dog-proof.  Our girl rarely chews but we still keep things put away that we don't want her to destroy, just in case she happens to catch an unsupervised moment and gets the urge. 
  • We also have a chewer.

    When we're gone, he stays in his kennel (crate) or in our side room where there are not things for him to chew on.

    Also, we exercise/play with him outside like no other when we can. Tucker him out so all he wants to do is sleep when he comes inside - no time for chewing!

  • One of the things that I had to learn with our dogs (2 big labs) is that not all exercise is created equal. We have a backyard and we leave the door open so they can run in and out all day, but that just wasn't doing it for them - they still had those bad behaviors often associated with too much energy/boredom. Taking them on walks away from the home is not only physically tiring, but mentally stimulating. I can tell when we have not taken them for a walk - bad behaviors everywhere! Walking together also allows you to set up the hierarchy of your home - our dogs know we're the boss (simply from how our walks go) so when they are misbehaving in the home, it only takes a simple correction to get them to stop.

     Like you, our dogs seemed to like all the other things that normally help this behavior (spray bottles, putting tobasco on our fingers to stop them from mouthing our hands....they loved all of it!)

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