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Make ahead one stovetop burner meal? HELP!

My husband is going on a hunting trip this weekend with a group of buddies, and I offered to send some food along with. I'm planning muffins and smore fixings, but he requested a meal and then told me they don't have electricity, only one gas burner and a fire! He's requested something warm and filling, so no chicken salad sandwiches. No crockpot meals :(  and he needs to be able to heat in a large pot or skillet on the stove, but wants it fully cooked and ready to eat. Any ideas? I was thinking maybe a soup but it may be hot there and soup can sometimes be really heavy? I'm stumped!


Is it possible to premake a casserole that can be stirred to heat on the stove? 

Re: Make ahead one stovetop burner meal? HELP!

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