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Any Miyazaki fans? I need ideas for a Spirited Away cake.

Last year we did Totoro. This year I we're going with Spirited Away. I'm thinking the dragon/Haku around the side of the cake. But what on top? No Face, Chihiro, and the Fly and the Mouse maybe? Dust mites?

Re: Any Miyazaki fans? I need ideas for a Spirited Away cake.

  • Kore!Kore!
    Eighth Anniversary 10000 Comments
    I love it!! No Face is my favorite. Please post pics after :)
  • love it as well, you could do the little coal guys for cupcakes,

    no face would be cool as well, don't forget about the dragon too  as other main character other then the main girl (whose name escapes me right now)

    Navy Wife Anniversary
  • I love Totoro! (You may already know that from my user name, avatar, and signature...)

    I also love Spirited Away and actually wrote an undergrad paper about it for a Japanese culture course (it had to be about a movie that included elements of Japanese folklore).

    I vote fly and mouse! And coal dust guys! Maybe Chihiro, but I think focusing on the creatures of the film would be really cute and a little easier. Plllllease post a picture of whatever you do. 

    Edit: OMG, have you already seen this one? LOVE. 


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  • I did see that one! But I can't even imagine how much they'd charge me to recreate that one. 

    Yeah, I think sticking with the more whimsical characters is the way to go. So No Face, Mouse, Fly, and Coal Mites on top and maybe the dragon around the sides... what do you guys think?


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