Molly Mutt

Does anyone have the crate cover kit? If so, do you like it? Is it worth the price?




Re: Molly Mutt

  • I looked at Molly Mutt but ended up purchasing a crate cover from etsy. I found the prices better, more fabric options, and you can give custom measurements to fit your exact crate. The shop I used was called LucyGooseyDesign:)

  • Someone on here made their own once and it looked pretty good from what I remember.  Can't remember who it was though, but maybe they'll see this and tell you how they did it.
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  • I have the blue floral pattern crate cover.  I looove it.  

    Although don't dry it - it shrinks.  It still fits, but it isn't as nice of a fit as it once was. 

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