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Rec your iPad 3 case...

We're getting my mom an iPad for Mother's Day and I'd like to also get her a case. I've seen the "sleeves" but I don't think she really would like that. I'm thinking some sort of case that opens like a book and maybe even props itself up. Any recs? She is "fun" and would definitely like something pink and/or sassy ;)



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Re: Rec your iPad 3 case...

  • I just ordered a custom case from Portenzo. They are a little more on the pricey side, but they are gorgeous!

     I also saw some DoDo cases that looked nice, but ultimately, it came down to the reviews and Portenzo had so many great ones. 

     Here's the DoDo link too: ;



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  • I love my knomo case. But it is simple and black, so it might not fit your criteria. 
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  • I second the portenzo case.  I have one for my ipad2 and my husbands portenzo case for his ipad3 arrived today.  If your going to order one for mothers day order it now it takes like almost a month to get because they are handmade.
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