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Post-Off Contest: Thanks DH for ______.

Hi Nesties!

In celebration of another Thankful Thursday, we're having a post-off contest on this board from now until 5 p.m. on Saturday, 4/14!

To enter, reply below before and fill in the blank, "Thanks DH for ______."

We'll pick a random winner from the replies and send them two new cookbooks!

You do not need to include any personal information in your reply - just reply below here and we will contact the random winner privately via the email they used to login to the site. Entries that do not answer the question will not be considered.

To read the official rules, click here.
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Re: Post-Off Contest: Thanks DH for ______.

  • Thanks dear husband for always listening to my heart and loving me.
  • Thanks DH for always being there for me, I honestly do not know where I would be without you.
  • Thanks Dear Husband for being so patient with me and my crazy ways.  For putting up with my endless crafting ideas and the messes I make when I am in the middle of those crafts.  For being so thoughtful, kind, generous, making me laugh and protecting me.  Thank you for being so handy around the house, I don't know what I would do without you!
  • Thanks DH for taking care of my autistic brother and my ailing grandmother in your free time. I really appreciate it and I don't tell you enough!
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  • Thanks DH for always working so hard for us, and for making me always feel loved.
  • Thank you DH for always making me laugh.

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  • For dealing with my dysfunctional family, for your patience when I leave clothes all over the bed and closet, for leaving closet doors and dresser drawers open.  But above all thank you for being by my side as we are TTC and dealing with my crazy moods and holding, loving and protecting my heart in your hands.

    Looking forward to our one year wedding anniversary in T-minus 19days!!!

  • Thanks, DH, for loving me so much that you went back to McDonalds and put the cashier who got your order wrong in her place. Maybe one day your brother will learn how to be a real man just like you, and not a softie who would apologize for such justified rage.
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  • thank you my dear husband for  coming home from work and preparing your awesome african food, even though i am on maternity leave. dear husband i love when you cook for me
  • Thanks DH for being understanding and reassuring at all the right times.
  • Thank you dear husband for keeping it interesting!  With you, I am never bored and I am always laughing!
  • Thank you dear husband for being my very best friend as we experience so many firsts together; you are an incredible person in so many ways.
  • Thanks DH for making me laugh every day,....even when I'm grumpy!  And for your hard work and effort to make a happy and successful future for us.  I super big heart you! 
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    Thanks DH for being so supportive and considerate, for always making me laugh, telling me I'm beautiful and how happy you are to be married to me. I can't imagine life without you.
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    Thanks DH for making every day of my life a hilarious adventure!
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  • Thanks DH for this wonderful fairy tale life that we share together. Thank you for being my prince charming, my hero and inspiration; for having had nothing but love and passion for me and us, every day since we fell in love on that magical evening almost sixteen years ago. 
  • Thanks DH for making me laugh, telling me you love me multiple times a day, helping me through rough days at work, and always taking out the trash!
  • Thanks DH for  loving me unconditionally.
  • Thanks DH for being my unswerving voice of reason. In times of doubt and worry, which happen frequently, you are irreplaceably logical, while still knowing what the heart knows to be important.
  • Thanks Darling WIFE for being supportive on all fronts. Your faithfulness, passion and kindness are beautiful things and I am so blessed to have you in my life.
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  • Thanks DH for treating me like a princess and putting up with my ditzy twitchy craziness! <3 you 4ever
  • Thanks DH for working extra hard so we can get out of debt sooner and giving me a spa day to pamper myself.
  • Thanks DH for making me have an awesome big O last night. I so needed that.
  • Thanks DH for understanding (and not bugging me about) my pregnancy-induced non-existent libido.
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  • Thanks DH for your patience and love in my struggle to find who I am. Thank you for making my little sisters giggle, and for believing that I will never turn into my mother. Thank you for unceasingly challenging me to test my boundaries, and for shielding me with your strong arms when I need to feel safe. Thank you for the love which will make every future moment the best time of my life. I love you so much.
  • Thanks DH for eating anything I cook for you, even if it looks weird or tastes funny! I am trying my best :)
  • making me coffee every morning even though you drink green tea.
  • Thanks DH for accepting my baggage, always providing emotional support and for wanting to spend the next 120 billion years with me.
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  • Thanks DH for being my chunker monkers, for cuddling me at night, and for being the best thing that has ever happened to me. 
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