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I figured other pesties would understand....

Do you guys have an "authority" voice when telling your pets to get out of something.  Like I use mine when they're looking for crumbs in the kitchen.  It's not a yell, it's just a raised voice. 

Well....  I used it on one of my coworkers last night.   I didn't mean to, but it came out.  And then I realized what I had done, and explained that's my pet voice and he started laughing.  He also thinks that I go around yelling at my dogs.  Embarrassed

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Re: I figured other pesties would understand....

  • Yes, I have a "no" pet voice I use. But, I had a rabbit, now have a cat, and neither of those species are known for caring much about human opinion. Havent caught myself using it on other humans tho, but I bet I have.
  • It is the voice I use what I am saying things that should not be said like "get your tongue out of the baby's mouth" "stop licking her butt" and "the cat is not a toy."
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  • Yes, I have an "authority" voice I use with the pets. I actually use a deeper or more firm tone which even works on the cats as well as the dog.
  • I have one of these voices! I also use my "pet voice" with small children :D
  • I definitely do - my question is why you're not letting them eat up the crumbs in the kitchen.  Short of dropping onion bits on the floor, I love my little living hoovers Wink

     what's funny is they sometimes ignore me until I use my authority voice - kinda like kids do ahahaha!

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    I have 'teacher voice' just comes out.

    And I have used it on coworkers and students alike :)

  • I definitely do lol. Hilo does NOT listen to anything unless I raise my voice then he'll know I'm serious.  I hate doing it because people look at me like I'm a dog abuser lol.  But I swear he does it on purpose. He's really too smart for his own good.  If we're out in public and I try to use my normal voice, he won't listen to me. He won't listen when I raise my voice in public either because he knows I won't punish him for it (for fear that people think I abuse him).  But at home, he's great....if I raise my voice.  Recently a dog breeder told me not to worry about what others think and to discipline Hilo like he is at home. It's been working pretty good :)
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