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I need one more appetizer, please help.

We're having a small fundraiser Friday night (raising more for the orchestra) We are expecting 25 people. The party was advertised as apps and desserts.

Right now I'm serving beef/chorizo empanadas,  moo shu chicken wraps, gazpacho shooters, asparagus/white bean/mushroom bruschetta and peach/pear/walnut crostinis. I think I need another warm meat app but not a dip. TIA

Re: I need one more appetizer, please help.

  • Roast Beef on baquette with horseradish (I guess those are too close to the crostinis)

    Shrimp cocktail

  • My first thought tends to go to chicken satay with peanut sauce, but that's kind of boring.  Hmmm, warm meat tend to be tough ones.
  • Teriyaki sesame chicken skewers? It's meat,warm and I can get gluten free teriyaki sauce.
  • I agree with PP that shrimp cocktail would be a good addition to your spread and easier and prettier than a meat app. 

     Teryiaki chicken skewers do go over well at parties at which I have banquet served.  It's nice if you can stick a piece of pineapple on the skewers to jazz it up.

    Scallops wrapped in bacon.  Anything wrapped in bacon.

  • I would suggest either a grilled or blackened shrimp - you could put that on a pick and serve atop the gazpacho shooter glass  OR mini crabcakes
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