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Anyone following the challenge to the World Bank???

specifically how the emerging markets are tired of the agreement between Europe and the US that an American be President? I had no idea there was this type of agreement( never thought of it to be honest) and the emerging markets are saying " Hold up wait a minute....."

But first to a hot debate in the international arena. For the first time in history, the U.S. nominee to head the World Bank is facing a formal challenge. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, currently serving as Nigeria's minister of finance, is one of two candidates from developing countries who are under consideration for the post. The other is Jose Antonio Ocampo. He's a former minister of finance for Columbia.


"HOW many US citizens and ranchers have been decapitated in Arizona by roving bands of paperless aliens, and how will a requirement that I have papers on me make that not happen?"courtesy of SueSue

Re: Anyone following the challenge to the World Bank???

  • You know I'm following this.

    Right or wrong, the world is kind of pissed at our current nominee because of his lack of experience in financial matters, so the anger isn't limited to the fact that it "must" be an American.

    Also, see the Rolling Stone article about Dartmouth referenced in the thread below.  Depending upon which POV you believe, this guy turned a blind eye to serious charges of hazing at Dartmouth fraternities, essentially shying away from controversy with the argument that you can't interfere with Greek (of the college variety) "culture."  It's not necessarily relevant to World Bank duties but it's not necessarily a check in the "pro" column, either.

  • This is the first I've heard of it!

    Damn job, taking all my attention.  

  • Historically the money has flowed from richer countries (ie, the US and Europe) to poorer countries elsewhere.  I can see why they would want to keep control over it.  But now that times are changing, I understand why emerging markets want more of a say.  I can see them challenging the status quo, but I'm not sure I think there is much of a leg to stand on to be upset about what happened in the past.

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