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If you belong to a gym, how much is it per month?

I belong to Equinox (which I know is more expensive than a lot).  They just raised the rates from 125/month to 155/month.  I just want to hear how crazy 155 is.  Anyone else paying that much?

Re: If you belong to a gym, how much is it per month?

  • that's insanity. 

    I pay $30/month. my gym doesn't have free towels or a pool, but it suits my purposes.

  • I just switched to a gym that I am now paying $42 a month, I was paying $33 at my other.  There is a gym near me that I believe the fees are around $100/mo but it is super nice. IMO, $155 is pretty steep but are there any perks you can think of that it has in comparison to your standard gym?
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  • That's an awful lot. My gym is $35/month. The 'fancy' gym in my town is $65/month and it is really nice.

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  • I pay the intro rate of $40 a month and the regular rate is $65. My gym has a pool. I would not pay that much.
  • $50 a moth and that includes unlimited childcare for the two tots

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  • I pay $58/month for my CrossFit box.
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  • we have a family YMCA membership for 4 people, $67/month. The "fancy" place in town is $68/individual, $120/family. My brother pays $30/month for Snap Fitness here.
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  • That's crazy.  I belong to LA Fitness and pay $37 a month.  After the $20 insurance discount I pay $17.  Not bad at all.
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  • That's crazy, but I live in a pretty rural area, so I can understand that Philly prices would be much more than mine.

    I pay about $30/month.

  • I've never heard of Equinox, what makes it so expensive?

    I have two gym memberships (don't judge). The first is actually a gym in my office building, it's small, but has a lot to offer. I pay $15 every two weeks via payroll deduction.

    I also belong to my local Y. I pay $57/mth for a family membership, so myself, my son and my SO can all work out there under that membership. I'm also able to take my little kids to pool and get discounts on different programs that are available.

    So, I pay around $90 per month for both memberships, but I feel like I get a lot for my money.

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  • DH and I belong to our YMCA, which has a pool and a huge fitness center.  There are a few other branches we can also use which has smaller fitness centers.  We pay the family rate of $71/month.
  • Equinox has a lot of classes that are supposed to be top notch.  I think that adds to the high rate, but I don't do the classes that often.  It is a gorgeous gym and does offer the towel service, etc.

    Thanks everyone!

  • I pay $43 per month for the family. It's our local YMCA.  They offer free exercise classes, child care, pool, etc...
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  • That's freaking insane.

    I pay $50/month for me and DH.  That includes a pool.  We could pay $60 and have childcare, but I'm too cheap.

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  • Our previous gym membership was $50. (Nice gym, offered CrossFit for more $, classes, towel service, etc.).

    Our current gym is $10/mo. (Planet Fitness, so no frills...but 1mi from our house and I wasn't using the classes at the other one.)

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  • YMCA for the whole family is $81 per month, but I get a wellness subsidy at work of $25, so a net $56 for unlimited visits at all locations.
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  • $10/month, no frills: no pool or classes
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  • $45/month, before 'discount' (we get a % off every year for lbs lost!). Gym has no towels, but it does have a pool and indoor water park, plus a climbing wall, track (indoor) and multiple gym areas. It's a bit pricey, but we use it enough. Classes are extra but not much.


    My gym at work is $30/month, but has towels and a sauna, no pool however. Classes are included.  

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  • ACK!  I pay $30 ($32 with tax?) for full use of equipment, track, basketball/racquetball courts, pool/hot tub, sauna/locker room, and all group fitness classes (except for Pilates reformer).  Use of the tanning beds or child care gets an upcharge on your montly bill.  The ability to go to any location in town is supposed to be an upcharge too, but they never charge me or say anything about it when I use a location other than my "home" gym (which isn't often anymore but used to be)
  • I pay $40/month in DC (which is actually pretty cheap for DC gym rates, but I don't belong to one of the swankier ones).  I also have a free gym at work that I can use.
  • I pay $12 a month, for Planet Fitness. It's two minutes from my house and I only use it for a treadmill so it suits my needs. $155 is kind of crazy IMO.
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  • I'm at Equinox Century City in LA and pay $240. So $155 sounds pretty reasonable.  

  • I actually belong to a rock-climbing gym and it's $100 for both me and DH.  Other than rock-climbing and boulering, it also has a decent size weight room and cardio machines and yoga classes.
  • Gym #1: Full service gym w/lots of fun group classes including my favorite, Walk-Away. No pool or towel service (Towel service is an extra charge). They also have a really good healthy deli/smoothie shop onsite. Free b/c they sponsor my cycling team and gave us a few free memberships.

    Gym #2: About-to-be-opened small new fitness center at work. Free to all employees. Basic cardio equipment and weights. No classes* and no frills. (*Once every 6-8 weeks they offer 2-3 Zumba classes in our main conference room after work. These are free.)

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  • image +Elle+:

    I'm at Equinox Century City in LA and pay $240. So $155 sounds pretty reasonable.  

    The price seemed normal to me for Equinox.  

    We keep getting invites for the new Marina del Rey location.  Their rates are $145/ month + $125 initiation fee, or $225/month + $300 initiation fee for multi-club.

    I pay $120/ month for CrossFit with my teacher discount.  

  • $35, classes and towel service included. 
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  • I pay $117 a month for my CrossFit membership. I think of it as having 12 personal trainer sessions a month and it makes the price tag a lot more bearable. That's a pretty inexpensive personal trainer.
  • We pay $80 a month for both FI and I to go. Our gym has machines, classes, pool, etc. Paying for personal training is separate.
  • Free*



    *With our taxpayer money at our awesome local town Rec Center

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  • eek!

    I pay $32/month for my local Y.

    I used to pay $180/mo for an outdoor boot camp class...5x a week and you get a tshirt at the end of each month. It was great for a while, but they increased their prices last year and did away with the tshirts so I quit. My wallet thanked me.

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