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Final Walk Through

We are moving into a never occupied new condo. Our closing date is in the beginning of May.  We have our mortgage commitment, we're already ready to close, etc., so we're just playing the waiting game at this point.  We're not moving up our closing because we'd like to avoid paying a rent and mortgage as long as possible.


The sales office at our condo said they'd be calling us to schedule a final walk through.  I think that typically people do their walk throughs right before they close.  Given that there is no one in our place, is there any reason we couldn't or shouldn't do it sooner? I should mention that our inspection report came back almost flawless, so we're not waiting on or "inspecting" and major repairs.  It was stuff like the refrigerator drawer does not close smoothly or adding a door stop.

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Re: Final Walk Through

  • There are so many reasons to wait... Someone could break in and trash the place, someone could switch out appliances or light fixtures, a storm could damage a window, etc.  I know that these are highly unlikely situations but you just never know. I'd personally rather wait and be safe.

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  • We do the final walk through a week before closing.  So our walk through is the 11th and we close on the 17.  

    They are going to show us EVERYTHING about the house.  Where the pipes go, how to operate the furnace, change filters, take apart window screens, water valves and such!   

    We also check to see if they haven't completed something or paint smears and droplets...they will then have a week to fix anything we see. 

  • I would do it on the way to closing. For all you know a pipe may break two days before closing. 
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  • We did ours on the morning of closing. We wanted to make sure everything was fine. Anything can happen in a matter of few days.
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  • image CatLawdy&:
    I would do it on the way to closing. For all you know a pipe may break two days before closing. 

    This is a great point! I think we will try yo schedule our final walk through as close to closing as possible. We are set to close on a Friday morning, if all goes according to plan, so maybe a Thursday night walk through would be best.

  • A house near us had all the appliances stolen before new owner moved in.
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