Dog bite

Last night we were at our friends house. Their dog was nervous but was following me all night , letting me pet her and being very sweet. I bent down to pet her and she lunged and bit me in the lip. I went to the ER and waited for a plastic surgeon. I had to get 6 stitches in my lip. It was not the dogs fault it was mine I feel bad for my friends.

Re: Dog bite

  • My dog did the same thing to my niece a few years ago. She didn't need stitches, it just pierced her lip, my mom said she should stick an earring in it lol (she had her nose pierced already). It was very scary though. I hope u don't have a scar. 
  • I am worried abut scarring. 
  • Glad you're OK! I'm sure the surgeon was extra careful since it's your face so I bet you'll be just fine! :o)
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