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Where's a happy medium? Long-ish.

Now that I've introduced myself, I have to ask: how do those of you who are trying to lose/maintain your weight create a happy balance with food? Let me elaborate.

This is one of my biggest issues. I am such an extreme person. It seems that when I'm working out and eating really well, it's either all or nothing. I don't allow myself any "cheats" whatsoever, or I will feel immediate guilt and dwell on it for days. Eating out at restaurants and holidays that involve eating with family or alcohol literally give me anxiety about what there will be for me to eat, or if I have enough self discipline to make a healthy choice. I hate it.

I tend to get into about 6 month cycles of working out regularly, eating super clean, toning up, and getting to where I want to be...only to stop cold turkey because I feel burnt out and tired of living a life that revolves solely around what I eat and my next workout. Any tips on how I can find a good balance? I need to get to a place in my head where it's okay to indulge sometimes, but I don't know how. I'm just too tough on my self. 

Okay... now tell me how much of a freak I am and to chill out. I can take it, lol. 

Re: Where's a happy medium? Long-ish.

  • I give myself a treat every day.  And I give myself a day on the weekend to do whatever I want.  I've been doing that since I started my weight loss and it's so much better than trying to cut out the things I love completely. 

    To me, there's nothing worth being that stressed out or unhappy about what I "get" to eat or not eat.  

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  • There are quite a few of us on this board who do Weight Watchers. One of the things that has helped me to be successful of WW is the idea of daily points, determined by height and weight, and WEEKLY 49 point allowance on top of that daily total. These weekly 49 points are what I use to keep myself sane. 

     It is an over generalization to say that 1 WW points plus is about 50 points, but for the purpose of having this discussion, maybe we could use that figure. So say 50x49=2450.  Maybe you could budget in an extra ~2450 calories each week to use as you see fit or not use at all.

     This week the 49 have gone towards lasagna for a staff appreciation dinner Wednesday night, wine Friday night when we had friends over, and eating and drinking with reckless abandon last night at my 5k after-party. 

     Having this built-in cushion helps me stick to my lifestyle while enjoying the occasional indulgence, but it all remains within some constraints. I PROMISE you: there is NOTHING I can't indulge in and stay within my weekly points, if I set my mind to - not an out of town wedding or Thanksgiving or a vacation. 

    I'm not a calorie counter, soif you'd want to try something like this, you'll need to consult with the resident calorie counters on the board to help you determine how many "weeklies" to set aside. 





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  • I try and watch what I eat when I eat at home, but I allow myself a little freedom when I go out with friends.  Obviously, if you are going out to eat with friends every night that doesn't work, but we had two meals with friends this week and I had chicken fingers and pizza at those meals.  My husband and I have greatly reduced the amount that we eat out on just the two of us cause I don't really count those as cheats and I don't want to waste going out on a salad.  This plan has worked well for me, but may not be the plan that works for you.

    I've also greatly reduced the carbs that I eat at home, but allow myself to eat them when I go out. 

  • Having days long guilt over an eating cheat or anxiety over holiday eating are a little over the top to me.  Have you considered seeing a counselor to help you work through these food issues?
  • image dirtyred:
    Having days long guilt over an eating cheat or anxiety over holiday eating are a little over the top to me.  Have you considered seeing a counselor to help you work through these food issues?


    There was a point in time a few years ago where I considered it, when I became pretty close to obsessed with working out because I had it in my head I needed to be a certain weight on my wedding day. I reached a weight that was impossible for me to maintain, and gained quite a bit of it back after I got married. Now I realize I need to be more conscious of reality, and that my body has limits. 

    I don't think my issue is with food or eating itself, just that I'm way too critical of myself. I read someones post on here awhile back that said, "be kind to yourself", and I loved it. I definitely need to learn to be kind to myself. 

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