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Have you ever lost your wedding ring?

Nesties, we want to know: Have you ever lost your engagement or wedding ring in a weird or unusual way? Share your story in the comments below!
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Re: Have you ever lost your wedding ring?

  • yes! we were kayaking in the long island sound, and i hopped out in to the water to help my stepdaughter with hers.  it was freezing and my fingers shrunk instantly.  i took my e-ring off to hand it to my dh so he could put it in his pocket, and i dropped it. 

    i lost my e-ring handing it to my h so that i wouldn't lose my e-ring.


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  • Yes. I lost my wedding band during a lunch run one day. I was freaking out looking for it and thought about calling the place I had gone to lunch and thankfully, one of their employees found my ring and gave it to a supervisor.  I described my ring, they confirmed it was mine and I went back and picked it up.

    I sent thank you notes to the employee, a note to his supervisor and an email to their corporate headquarters.

    The man that found my wedding band was my hero!


  • I lose it all the damn time.  I'm the worst with jewelry.

    I actually keep my engagement ring in our safe-deposit box for this reason.


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  • Yep.

    I took my wedding band and e-ring off while nursing my son one day because I didn't want to scratch him. The next morning I went to put them back on before work and I could only find my wedding band, which was on the floor under the coffee table. I searched every single place I could think of when I had the realization that the dog ate it.

    We took the dog to the vet that afternoon and sure enough, it was in his tummy.  Thankfully we were able to retrive it and got it professionally cleaned before I wore it again.



  • During the week of 9/11, I took my ring off because my fingers were swelling. I put it in my drawer and took a shower. When I came out of the shower, I noticed my drawer was open and all the rings on my ring holder were gone. Just then, my 3-year-old son came walking into the bedroom. He was only wearing underwear and he pulled out the waistband of his underwear, looked in and said, "I don't have Mommy's big ring!"

     All my other rings were in his pirate stash under the kitchen table, but we never found my emerald-cut diamond ring. I tried not to be upset as so many people lost so much more than a ring that week, but I still miss it. 

  • I took my rings (engagement and wedding) off at the local children's museum to put sunscreen on my DD1. She played for awhile, we left, and as we were driving home I realized that they were still on the outdoor table where I'd laid them down. 

    I turned around, called the museum on my cell phone, and one of their employees walked out to the table with the phone. She found them on the ground and I picked them up a few minutes later.

    I don't think I've ever felt closer to a heart attack. I was a teary mess until I had them on my finger again.  


    DD1, 1/5/2008 ~~~ DD2, 3/17/2010
  • I have never lost my wedding band I have however lost my engagement ring. When I am home with my sons I usually won't wear the engagement ring because its scratched my oldest before. I guess I got back from the store and went to change my younger son so I took the engagement ring off and set it inside his little dresser. I couldn't find it for a while. My DH found it but let me wander around the house looking for it for a while.. (jackasss) lol
  • No, but close.  I usually leave my rings in the house when I go swimming, but I wore them down to the beach by accident.  I took my rings off, and left them on a rock at our beach.  Came in from swimming, went up to the house, etc., etc.  Woke up in a panic the next morning because I realized what I had done.  Thankfully it was a calm night and they were exactly where I left them.
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  • I couldn't find mine after an especially hard night of drugs and alcohol.  I'm pretty sure I lost it somewhere on Michigan Ave. inside some hooker's ass.


    Floyd P. Bamker - can't spell
  • i lost my ring and found it months later. we sold our car and when the dealership was cleaning it, they found it under the seat.

    dh lost his ring delivering a calf. it is still missing. 

  • Yep.  Lost my wedding band, which was custom-made.  We were on a road-trip with our soccer supporters group in LA.  I had been drinking and needed to pee REALLY bad.  I always take my rings off before games because they hurt my hands when I'm clapping a lot.  I didn't have anywhere safe to leave them so I put them in my pocket. While rushing into the bathroom and pulling my pants off as fast as possible, I think the ring fell out of my pocket.  I didn't realize until the next morning when I put my pants back on.  I tried calling the Home Depot Center, but they never located it.  I was just glad it was the wedding band and not the e-ring.  The e-ring is worth about 4x what the wedding band is.  We had the wedding band re-made (slightly differently) last year (2 years after I lost it).

  • I haven't, but DH lost his taking off his gloves after shoveling snow one winter.  A neighbor found and returned it about a month later when all of the snow finally melted.  Of course, by then we had aready bought a replacement, assuming that it had rolled down the storm drain he was standing next to when it happened, so he has a spare now.
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  • My BFF's H lost his ring on their honeymoon, while playing volleyball in shallow water.  In the process of looking for it, he stepped on a stingray and had to be rushed to a hospital, which was a 45 minute boat ride away.  That night there was a 7.3 earthquake that convinced BFF they were about to die.  Neither of them had been in an earthquake before.
  • I lost my e-ring in the ocean when were on our honeymoon, but found it with MUCH panicked searching.  And H lost his wedding ring in the wood pile behind our shed.

    We're doomed. 

    image image

  • My husband lost his at a house party. We found it the next day in the gin bucket pitcher. 

    For real.  

  • I left the rings on my nightstand before bed. the next afternoon only the big diamond was there, but the band was gone. Alas! I spotted a perfect vacuum mark right next to the nightstand. The brilliant sleuth I am, I immediately accused the maid (nicely). She denied denied denied until I forced that b*tch to check her vacuum bag (nicely). And sure enough, there it was!! Mystery mothafuckin SOLVED, nest!
  • image LucyHoneychrrch:

    I lose it all the damn time.  I'm the worst with jewelry.


    This is me. It's amazing I've managed to hang on to it for over seven years.

    I lost it once. I didn't realize it was lost until my 3 year old brought it to me. 


    hello, ladies
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