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Please help: my dog is acting strange

We got both of our dogs groomed and boarded this past weekend. The facility is owned by a private groomer that we have used for multiple years now without any problems. I would say our dogs have been boarded there probably 20x, ranging anywhere from a few days to over a week, with no issues.

We picked our dogs up Sunday afternoon and one of my dogs has been acting strange ever since. He does not want to walk outside, and will cower his back legs and sit down anytime we stop on our walks. Usually he will be sniffing in the grass and marking his territory but now he will hardly even pee more than once. He was originally shaking on Sunday and Monday but he has since stopped. He is eating, drinking and going to the bathroom fine.

At first we thought something happened to one or both of his legs. I spent 2 hours at the vet with him yesterday and they could find nothing physically wrong with him. He was running around the vets office fine and jumping up in my lap. He did have an ear infection, which they treated with antibiotics, but he has not been scratching or licking his ear. The vet said he did not think that was related to his behavior with his legs/butt.

He is still acting the same way today. I called the groomer and she said that nothing happened while she was there but that it sounds like one of his anal glands did not get expressed and that could cause this behavior. After she told me this, I noticed that he is really keeping his butt hole clenched tight (sorry- TMI). She is located out of town so I can't take him back there. I would need to try to do it myself or find another groomer here. 

I have looked online about anal gland expression and most of the stuff I have read says he would be dragging his butt on the ground if he was having anal gland issues. I also feel like the vet would have noticed this? Has anyone ever heard of this? I didn't know if she was just telling me this so I wouldn't think anything happened to him in her care.  I just want my dog to be better. 



Re: Please help: my dog is acting strange

  • you could have your vet check it out and express the glands for you.

    Maybe your dog was spooked by something during boarding? I can only guess --- hoping your doggus feels better soon. In the meanwhile, extra TLC for him.:)
  • image TarponMonoxide:
    you could have your vet check it out and express the glands for you.

    Maybe your dog was spooked by something during boarding? I can only guess --- hoping your doggus feels better soon. In the meanwhile, extra TLC for him.:)

    I wish I had called the groomer before I took him to the vet yesterday. I guess I could take him back again, although there's a $50 office visit fee. 

    If he felt back there yesterday, could he have felt that they were full? I'm just thinking that he was VERY thorough in the exam so I'm surprised he wouldn't have thought to express them if he thought that was the issue.

  • You could always try expressing them yourself, just to rule it out. If there's nothing to express, you haven't lost anything.  

    He may just be spooked from being away and acting stressed.  I bet he'll turn it around in a few days when he gets back to his normal routine.  Good luck!! 

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  • When they need to be expressed the dog usually smells kind of like fish pennies.  You can do it yourself by putting on a glove, using a lubricant and putting your fingers in then pressing on the bottom slightly to the side outside the butthole.  A local groomer can also do this for you.
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  • I don't know about the not peeing thing, but we've learned that when our dog sits down very quickly, like she's been slammed to the floor, that her anal glands are full.
  • Thanks for the input. I took him back to the vet today and they did a rectal exam and expressed the anal glands. Only 1 was partially full. I'm not sure if that will help because he's been asleep since we got home.
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