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How far to you ride for a bike ride to "count"?

I'm taking a 2 week hiatus from running (and praying my calf will finally heal) and a friend is letting me borrow a bike. I don't think I've ever had a bike other than a beach cruiser, I now this is a "regular" bike. So how far/ hard/ fast/ long do you have to bike ride for it to count as exercise? Or cardio? I don't have a gym membership, so no spinning classes. 

Otherwise, I'm walking. I'm open to other suggestions for cardio as well. Thanks :) 


Re: How far to you ride for a bike ride to "count"?

  • I usually ride 5-7 miles.
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  • image MayFlowers22:
    I usually ride 5-7 miles.

    I could do that 

  • Do you have a heart rate monitor? If so, use that to decide how hard you are working, then do a time-based ride. Alternatively, do a time-based ride by perceived level of effort.

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  • I'm outside the norm. Any ride counts, but for my training it's:

    Recovery Ride (Super easy): 60 minutes, about 12-15 miles

    Weekday Training Ride (after work, limited time, usually a hard effort like a group ride or intervals): 90-120+ minutes, 20-30+ miles

    Weekend Road Ride: Minimum 40 miles, time varies depending on terrain, group, goals.(ie 40 miles in the mountains may be 3.5 hours, but my usual Sat. 40 mile loop of rolling hills is under 2.5 hours)

    Weekend Mountain Bike Ride: Minimum 20 miles,  time varies depending on terrain/trail, group/by myself

  • As far as I'm concerned, any exercise "counts" LOL I'm usually on a time crunch though and eek out between 5-7 miles and that usually takes me approximately 30 minutes. I try to ride where I know there will be a good amount of hills instead of just all flat and residential.
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  • During my cross country training when we had hours goals to meet, we were allowed to count 50-75%, depending effort level, as training hours.
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  • since bike races tend to be 4x longer than running races (ie, 25 miles vs 6 miles in a olympic triathlon, 56 miles vs 13  miles in a half ironman) i guess i figure 4 miles on the bike = 1 mile running.   not that it REALLY works out that way but i do feel like a 20 mile ride takes as much work as a 5 mile run.  of course just like running, i can make that workout harder or easier by changing my speed.
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  • any ride where my average speed is 15mph or over is a good workout for me.  I'm keeping a good cadence of about 75 or so and that feels nice and sustainable to be. 
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