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Best place to buy blinds?

Where do you buy blinds?  Are those blinds to go places good?  Home Depot? 

Also, any recommendations?  I hate rushing decisions for the house, but blinds are sort of a must-have essential (at least in bathrooms & bedrooms). 


Re: Best place to buy blinds?

  • I bought some ready-to-go (well, they cut them to size for you in store) blinds from Lowe's intitially, but they were terrible quality.  I replaced them with MUCH better quality blinds from Next Day Blinds (you indeed get them the next day).  They were slightly more expensive but well worth it.  I think the brand I have from Next Day Blinds are "Great Windows."  I installed them myself--very easy to do.

    I know you can also order blinds from Lowes/Home Depot.  Whatever you do, I would avoid getting the ones available in store--go for something higher quality.

  • I really like JCP's 2" faux wood blinds.
  • I think places like Blinds To Go are more expensive.  I ordered custom cordless cellular shades from Lowes when they were having a sale, and they're really nice.  I wanted cordless because of the kids.  I agree with the PP that the ones they cut for you in the store are junk.

    I'm also thinking about ordering some solar shades for my kitchen from here: 

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  • Our house has white 2" faux wood blinds from Home Depot.  They are the ones available there in the store and I really like them.  We've had them a few years, they've held up wonderfully.

  • Ditto the JCP blinds. They look good, are a great price, and have held up very well in our house. We got them about 4 years ago and so far so good.
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  • We have the white 2" faux wood Levolor blinds from Lowe's (they carry different brands). So far, they've held up pretty well. No complaints.
  • We just ordered our blinds from last night.  They were having a sale, buy 3 get 1 free, PLUS 30% off and free shipping.  A Nestie on my local board suggested them.  
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