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Mac - Snow Leopard vs. Lion

I currently have a 2.5 year old refurbished MacBook.  About three weeks ago I spilled soup on the keyboard.  It turns on fine (after letting it dry out for a week), but the keyboard is still sticky.  We just ordered a replacement part.  (Apple wanted $800 to fix so I don't know if they just want my money or if it's more than the keyboard, I figure it's worth a shot to see if it's fixable).  If for some reason replacing the keyboard doesn't work, I will probably just get a new one.


Sorry for the slight ramble.  My question is, is Lion a good OS or should I get a refurbished MacBook with Snow Leopard like I currently have?  I've been reading and Lion doesn't seem to be getting favorable reviews.  Thanks.

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Re: Mac - Snow Leopard vs. Lion

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