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WWYD- Calf pain

I was a little tight a few weeks ago at the start of a long run, and about a mile in I was struggling. By 2.5 miles, I was in pain and walked back. I feel like I just haven't been able to shake the pain since then. It's all along the inside of my calf- from my knee to my ankle and is almost unbearable at times. 

I've drastically cut my miles, slowed down, got my shoes re-checked (the wear on them is normal, still in good condition, correct shoes), foam rolling, stretching, massage, lots of yoga, epson salt baths, ice and heat, stopped wearing high heels, limiting running hills (it's hilly by my house, so there is usually some elevation change) and it's still pretty painful.

Honestly, the start of any jog is really tough, once I get warm, I can run (last week I had a nice long run and felt great), but once my muscles cool down again, they hurt again. 

Tonight, I made it a mile and a half and was wincing just walking back to the start.  

What else should I do?? I've talked my doctor, and her only suggestion was no hills or high heels and stretch. My running group coach gave the rest of the suggestions above. It's so unbelievably frustrating to feel energized and not be able to run at all.  


Re: WWYD- Calf pain

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