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Non clicky poll: Would you move your dog with you?

Next week I find out if I am offered a full time, tenure track teaching position at a medical school in the Caribbean. I cant imagine leaving my dog behind for a multitude of reasons, but the process of importing her seems overwhelming for me AND her. On top of that, since it is largely a jungle, there are other dangers for her in addition to the extreme temperatures in the summer. Many of the other faculty have brought their dogs- GSPs in fact- and they are glad they did and the dogs have done fine. But Im just wondering what your thoughts are. One of the challenges with getting to this island is that there is a lot of island hopping required as the airport is too small for many large jets. She is 45 pounds so unless I get a prescription for a service animal, she has to fly cargo (which of course, is dishonest and unfair to people who actually NEED service dogs). What do you think?

Re: Non clicky poll: Would you move your dog with you?

  • I would if I were going to be gone a significant amount of time. If it were just a few months I'd leave G with MIL, but otherwise he'd be coming.
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  • It would be at least 2 years and probably closer to 3 -5.
  • I would take my dog with me and ask the other people who have done it for advice.
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  • image LolaNJoe:
    I would take my dog with me and ask the other people who have done it for advice.


    I see where you are coming from, & w/o actually being in the situation I can absolutely say w/o a doubt that we most definitely would find a way to bring him w/us...But obviously, its easier to say this while sitting on my couch & not having to actually be faced w/the decision. We have plenty of people who would take him for us while we are gone, but I just couldn't imagine my life w/o him (I know, that sounds SO lame/dumb/pathetic..whatever) 

    & also, just a fwiw, I stumbled upon this website for a pet airline, where your dog travels in the cabin, not as a piece of cargo. Not sure what the specifics are (ie: price, locations..etc) but might be something worth investigating if you decide to bring him along.

    Also, here is the list of airlines & their pet policies.

    GL. I cannot imagine what you are going through right now. How exciting! ...yet, not. Again, GL!

    Cooper age 8, Taylor age 14

  • I cant imagine leaving her at all, but I didnt know if I was letting my emotions rule my decision. Thanks!
  • For that period of time I would take her.  I would definitely make sure you have access to good vet care, prescription meds, etc. ahead of time.

    Does the pet airline go to the Caribbean?   Anyway to get her there by boat or something?  I'd be really reluctant to let my dog fly cargo, especially into a hot climate like that.

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  • I would.  I live in Italy, but will be taking my 40lb dog back home when I eventually moved back.  It's hard (on her) and costly, but she's part of my family.  We'll plan and work through it.

    Good luck. 

    ETA: with regard to island hopping... maybe look into ferries.  Lucy, our dog, does really well on boats, between flights and ferries, I'd opt for ferries any day.  I would say ferries/boats are probably the 2d easiest way to travel with her (driving is best for us).  She's ok w/ trains, but only so-so. 

  • image LolaNJoe:
    I would take my dog with me and ask the other people who have done it for advice.


  • I would not only take my dog I am dishonest sorry. The thought of Des in the cargo hold would give me a nervous breakdown.
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  • For that length of time, yes.It's not like someone pet sitting for a month or two. We're talking about 2-5 years. That's between a half to a quarter of your pet's life!


    And honestly, when my H was looking for jobs he saw a few that were out of the country. We both decided that if the circumstances around a particular area/country were such that we couldn't take our dog with us he wouldn't even apply for the job. 

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