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How do you pack skirts and/or maxi dresses??

So I'm about to pack for Hawaii and wondered how should I pack my maxi dresses and skirts to reduce wrinkles. I'm not a good packer at all so please excuse me if I sound ignorant... 


Re: How do you pack skirts and/or maxi dresses??

  • I have a garment bag roller so I hang my maxi dresses over a pants hanger that MH gets from his dry cleaner.  If you don't have a garment bag, I would take a dry cleaner plastic cover and place it over your maxi dresses/skirts and roll it up (not tightly wound).  Unpack and hang everything as soon as you get to your hotel.
  • I roll everything.  Things can still get a bit wrinkled, but I hang them up ASAP and steam them while I'm in the shower, if needed. 
  • I roll everything very carefully, and I unpack and hang up dresses as soon as I get to my destination.  If the material is very likely to wrinkle and there won't be an iron where you are, they make mini travel steamers.  I don't have one but my mom swears by them.
  • Fold a few times lengthwise then roll from the top of the skirt/dress down to the bottom.  Depending on the material I iron some of them before packing.
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  • lay flat, fold and roll.


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  • image Kimee13:
    I roll everything.  Things can still get a bit wrinkled, but I hang them up ASAP and steam them while I'm in the shower, if needed. 


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  • I travel with maxi dresses a lot. I just loosely fold them and lay them on top of everything else in my suitcase. Then I hang them up as soon as I arrive.
  • I also put everything flat. Sometimes I leave the hangers on the cloths. One shake and hang. I always take a small water spray bottle for water. In the morning I spray away the wrinkles, and by evening the article is dry and the wrinkles are gone. Marie
  • @marieramsdell - You're replying to a post that is over 3 years old!  The OP went on her trip already.  If you'd like to chat about a topic, please feel free to start a new thread rather than reply to one that's years old.
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