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Happpppppy Friday!

Happy Birthday Mandee!  And Happy Hunger Games day to the rest.  Did anyone go to a midnight showing?  I think we're going to plan to go one evening next week.

Last night was pretty good.  I cooked a huge kale and bacon laden dinner (kaesha, I seriously love that recipe) and then we headed out to check out the new Costco in town.  That place is seriously HUGE.  AND, they have frozen raspberries.  The old one only had strawberries or berry blend, so I'm a happy camper.  

Then we went to a blinds place to use up a groupon type thing and ended up with faux wood shutters for our second story rooms for just $55.   Not bad!  Then we went home and straight to bed.

Tonight Derek is off at Tim's house so they can frame one of the neighbour's basements tomorrow.  I think I'll do some random paint and trim finishing around the kitchen.  

Tomorrow, brunch in Toronto w/ ringy and kaesha!  Wahoo!  I think I'll have the stuffed french toast.  :)

What does everyone have on the go this weekend?

We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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Re: Happpppppy Friday!

  • T.G.I.F!  I am definitely ready to sleep in tomorrow.  No real plans other than getting our flat straightened out.  We may take a zipcar out tomorrow to go to IKEA and get a basic bookshelf to help with organizing.  I also want to go to see the Hunger Games, but DH isn't convinced yet :(

    Happy birthday Mandee! 

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  • Happy Birthday Mandee!

    Yay for Friday.  It has been one crazy work week, and today will be much of the same.

    DH is off tonight but works the rest of the weekend. Tomorrow I am taking the boys to see the Easter bunny with a few friends and their children.  I think Zach will be ok, but have a feeling Christian will freak out. He doesn't like odd looking things or loud noises, but who knows, maybe he will surprise me. Then we will all go over to one of the friends to hang out for a while before bed. It will be nice to hang with some other momma's.

    Sunday will be the usual, cleaning and laundry. Not an overly exciting weekend.


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  • Good morning. Happy birthday, Mandee!

    Last night was awesome. Like I said on FB, I met with my writing instructor before class to go over my story, and he basically told me to shop my short story around for publication. I explained to him what I'd been hoping to do to build on the story, and he encouraged me to develop my idea, and gave me some great suggestions on how to explore the idea. I'm excited--not thinking about publication so much now, but just writing the story I've been wanting to write for a long time. And also, it just feels really nice to hear a published author tell you that you're a good writer. :)

    Today I'm hoping it's a quick, quiet day. I had a doctor's appt. this morning and walked out with four prescriptions, three of them for my allergies. Yikes. But let's hope this work. This weekend should be low key--I want to get some new linens for the bed, so I'll be dragging Josh around the stores. I'm sure he'll love that. :)

    Have a great one, ladies!

  • Good morning! I'm watching the last project runway before work. Then I'm back to moving. I am so tired I wish I could magic it all in place.


  • Happy birthday, Mandee!

    I plan on watching the Hunger Games tomorrow with my mom and sister. My mom and I read the books and we're both very excited.  Kyle is helping some friends move so it'll just be the girls. Sunday a friend of ours is hosting a cookout. I also plan on catching up on my sleep this weekend. Have a great weekend ladies!

  • Happy Birthday Mandee!

    Good morning! I haven't read the Hunger Games books yet so I won't be seeing the movie in theaters. I'm hoping to read them all before it comes out of DVD and then watch it then. The previews of the movie look awesome so I'm really excited to start reading the books.

    Today is a beautiful day, it's supposed to be in the upper 70's. I'm working until noon them I'm going with my work BFF to a new frozen yogurt place then doing some shopping. Tonight I'll probably take Sage (Jake's dog) for a long walk then have dinner and hang out with Jason and Jake.

    I have no idea what we're doing this weekend but I know I'll be spending a lot of time outside! Have a great weekend ladies!

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  • Happy birthday Mandee!

    So excited for brunch tomorrow. Mmm.

    Tonight we're going out for fish & chips again (it's a Lenten Friday tradition), possibly with V's cousin who lives down the road. Last week, we encountered a granny who gushed and gushed over Darian until even her husband was embarrassed, haha... I wonder if we'll see them today. That place seems like a Cheers type of place for all the elderly folk in the neighbourhood.

    Tomorrow after brunch we're going over to the ILs' house for FIL's birthday. 

    Sunday, no plans yet. But it's supposed to rain all weekend? So Idunno.

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  • Happy Friday, Naughties!  I came in to work this after noon to go through my voice mail (not too bad - only 5) and my email (1213) before Monday morning on the hope that I would be able to just do work next week instead of playing catch up all day.

    This morning, I used the gift certificate Jim got me for Valentine's Day and got a spa mani/pedi.  It was awesome. 

    Since we did 485,000 loads of laundry last night, all we have to do this weekend is get groceries.  We may try to go shooting since it's going to be colder and, I think, rainy this weekend.

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  • Hello all.

    Ugh, more overtime today so I got home much later than expected.  I didn't take the beef out of the fridge so we aren't having what we planned for dinner so I think I'll just have a grilled cheese.

    Tonight will be low key and hopefully to bed early.  Tomorrow I plan on getting in a run and doing some things around the house.  Sunday I work.  Boo to work.

    Have a great weekend.

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