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Anyone knowledgeable about double-hungs?

The previous owner replaced all the windows in the house (I'm guessing) around 5-10 years ago with vinyl double-hungs. There are ventilation latches/locks that can prevent the windows from being opened more than 4 inches. (They are actually part of the window. Little triangle things that pop out.) It was explained to me during our initial home inspection that it was added home security.

Recently, a window company told me they absolutely are not designed for added home security. Twenty pounds of pressure will break the ventilation latches. The ventilation latches are to prevent children from opening and falling through a window. He said that all of these latches (no matter who mine were purchased through) are manufactured from the same company so there is no such thing as ones designed for general security.

My BFF just bought windows for her house and the company marketed these latches as home security. The guy actually had a sample window, stepped on the edge, and jumped on it to show that the ventilation locks wouldn't break.

I'm trying to find out my manufacturer (I've taken the whole window apart and cannot find it anywhere google tells me to look.) But I'm curious if anyone else has come across either explanation from their window company?

Re: Anyone knowledgeable about double-hungs?

  • Also, I do acknowledge if someone wants in, they can easily break a pane and unlock the window. :) I'm just trying to determine if it's the same as having the window wide open.
  • Is there a way to manually 'over-ride' this system and fully open the window from the inside?
  • It doesn't matter the company if you leave a window open it is much easier to break into than breaking a pane to get in.  4" is a big space with only a screen stopping them from getting a hand or tool inside to release the latch.  If you are worried about security you shouldn't be leaving any windows open.  Heck we're not worried about security but we never leave any windows open when we're not home.  What if it rained and it ruined your floors?  Why would you want to leave windows open because you don't have AC or something? 
  • The latches are in the middle of the window. So whether you slide the bottom up or top down, you can't reach them. They are designed in such a manner that a tool wouldn't help. (They have to be slid in at a certain angle, then up. It's hard enough standing smack in front of them.) Yes, we don't have central ac. I leave them open just for ventilation and have never had water come in in the 5 years we've been there. Though I'm selective with which ones (considerable overhang). I am no longer leaving them open when we're not home. (I didn't really think about it until you mentioned it about an unlocked is always easier to break into.) But I like to at night for the fresh air.
  • Well then I don't think security is really a problem then is it?  We sleep with the windows open all the time (well the ones that can open...I can't wait to replace the rest of our windows) and we don't have latches of any kind on our gliders.  The vast majority of break ins happen when no one is home.  I thought you were just leaving them open for days on end by your OP. 
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