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For those trying to save on flea and tick meds...

DH and I discovered something called Neem oil a few months back. We checked with our vet and she said she has a large number of families switching to neem oil baths once a month (you mix it in the dogs shampoo) and then you don't need Frontline (or whatever you use). DH and I wanted something safer for our pets and for our LO who is crawling around and likes to pet the doggies :-) This has been working amazing for us and the more people I talk to the more I find out how many people use this as a safer and cheaper alternative to flea and tick treatment. Here's a site that talks about it a little more for those interested. There's lots of info on the web and of course at your vets office but we are so thrilled with the results and the SAVINGS!!! I thought it would be a good MM tip to share. Sorry this is long :-)

Re: For those trying to save on flea and tick meds...

  • We use neem shampoo on our dog. We also use Ark Naturals neem spray once a week. If we're out at night, I also use the neem spray on myself since it's just natural oils and so much better for you than covering yourself in chemicals. 

    I find with the neem though that it really isn't enough here in September, when ticks are at their worst.  

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