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There is some stomach flu going around our area right now

and let me just say it is horrible.  It's fast moving but when you have it it hits you hard.  My whole family had it last week.  I had to bring son to the ER because he wouldn't keep anything down and daughter to the doctor because she was so dehdrated her fever shot up to 103.  Then H and I got it, at the same time as DD.  Even today I feel better but my stomach is still off.  On the upside, I dropped 5 pounds Smile 


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Re: There is some stomach flu going around our area right now

  • Norovirus.

    We had it a few weeks ago. It is NO JOKE. I was seriously on the bathroom floor for hours - too weak to move any farther.

    It took about a week to stop feeling nauseous when I ate.


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  • my son and huband had it 2 months ago, it was so, so, so awful. i have NO idea how i was spared.
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  • These posts make me feel like there is a constant puke pandemic.

    (breathes into paper bag)

  • image Stellasmom:

    These posts make me feel like there is a constant puke pandemic.

    (breathes into paper bag)

    ME TOO.

    The pukes are my worst nightmare. 

  • When I opened this I was saying "please don't be from NJ, please don't be from NJ"
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  • I had it this weekend.  Things were flying out of both ends of me AT THE SAME TIME!!! 
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  • That's the worst! To see if others have had the same thing, you can check out the health map at Might also help you stay healthy the next time around :)
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