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Need advice pls - bond on a rental vacation unit in the US

We were in the US earlier this year. We leased a vacation rental for 5 weeks.

From our vacation rental we went to other places in the US on 2 occasions. On each occasion we flew with carry on only. On one occasion, I used a small plastic funnel from the kitchen to decant some conditioner into a small travel sized bottle. I left it upside down on the bench top in the bathroom to drain. 

We were then undergoing treatment so I forgot about it. The day before we left, I tried to remove the funnel but it seemed stuck to the bench top. When it came off, I found it had left a round ring mark on the bench top. DH and I put baking soda on the mark after googling how to get rid of the mark. We managed to lessen it by about 50% but you could still see the mark although it wasn't dark like it had been. The information we found suggested that if you persisted with the baking soda, the mark would disappear.

The landlady had asked for our bank details to return the bond (which was $500), a week before leaving the apartment which we provided her with. We checked that account to send a deposit off and noticed that nothing has been returned.

I'm assuming that she's keeping the deposit because of the mark but nothing has been communicated to us. Should I email her and ask or just drop it? I'm not sure what to do. Part of me wants to enquire but the other part wants to let sleeping dogs lie.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Need advice pls - bond on a rental vacation unit in the US

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