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What color paint to tone down very white/brass accented bathroom?

The house we are buying has a huge master bath with soaking tub and walk in shower that are white with brass fixtures, brass towel rack, sink/toilet fixtures, framing around shower etc. The tile is in great condition and is white and the vanity/double sink is also white. Currently there is hideous floral wallpaper. We can't afford to replace all the fixtures, tile etc so will only be painting.  What color will tone down all the gold (I'm much more of a brushed nickel/pewter hardware fan) and warm up the white? My style runs to neutrals but I'm leaning towards a soft gray-blue in the bedroom but think that may not work in the bath. WDYT?

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Re: What color paint to tone down very white/brass accented bathroom?

  • Gray-blue will make it look very spa-like, I think.  You can do some navy accents to kind of coordinate but tone down the brass.
  • a shade of green that appeals to you would work nicely.

    I would replace the brass accents as you can afford ones you would prefer.

  • I had this same situation with the house we bought (although we replaced the tile at the same time as we removed the wallpaper and painted). I just chose the color I liked and didn't worry about how it would look with the brass fixtures, since I knew I'd be replacing the fixtures at some point anyway. I went with blue and it does look very spa-like with the white trim in the room.

    It turns out that I was able to replace the fixtures only four months later, so I'm really glad I went with the color I wanted. I bought all new (chrome) fixtures at Lowe's and spent about $375 in materials per bathroom, which was one of the cheapest remodeling projects we've done yet. ETA: For that amount of money, we replaced the towel bar, towel rings, separate-handles sink faucet, tub/shower fixtures (with a fancy hand shower component), and tank lever on the toilet. I'm sure I could have saved a lot if I'd gone with cheaper fixtures or waited for a sale, but I just went with what I liked. We left the gold-trimmed shower door for now - I don't even really notice it.

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