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Does your DH/SO like your style?

My H makes fun of me for always being drawn to solid color tops so I find myself purposely looking for patterns and apparently based on my Gap shopping bag - stripes are my next go to which is good since they are so in style right now.  I love polka dots too but feel like I can't pull it off without looking like I'm 8.  I'd have to try that on in store first so I'm sticking to stripes.

I make fun of him because all of his polo shirts are stripes and all of his long sleeve button downs are plaid - even his pajama pants are plaid lol.  So I tell him at least I have a solid color top to coordinate with his patterns.  :) 

Just curious if your H likes your style or if you dress for him or for yourself?  I'm always interested in how other couples dress.  I like to feel good and comfortable, but a big part of that for me is knowing H likes what I am wearing so his input is a pretty big factor for me personally.

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Re: Does your DH/SO like your style?

  • I think he does. We were polar opposites when we first met, I was total rocker, he was prep. We've kind of blended our styles together throughout the years, but he always seems to like when I am wearing something bright and funky.

    I don't think he likes it when I wear a lot of makeup, though. Which isn't often.

  • H pretty much loathes boots on all womens; so I don't trust his fashion taste for females. Ha.

    I think he likes when I dress up and stuff; although he never specifically says anything looks nice or cute.  Mainly, he just hates how long I take to get ready to go anywhere and asks why I can't throw on a t-shirt and ponytail.

  • My DH doesn't care for some specific pieces I have (too bright/too trendy/ect) but overall he's fine with my style.  He doesn't care for how much I shop though, lol!
  • I always dress for myself, he doesn't really *get* all the fashion stuff I like and wear, but he doesn't *not* like it either. He is very basic, t-shirts and jeans guy on the weekend, and dress shirts and pants for work. He thinks wearing a fleece 1/4 zip is dressing up his basic look, lol. He can clean up well if I buy clothes for him, but he definitely has no clue when it comes to my wardrobe, lol.

    I don't always dress up necessarily, but I do like to have fun with clothes. He doesn't get things like colored tights, belts as accessories, or having multiple outwear jackets for different moods (rather than just 1 for the whole season). But I think he enjoys that I have fun and that I stand out sometimes; he will compliment my overall look, even though he doesn't necessarily understand trends or style, if that makes sense.

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  • He hated skinny jeans when I bought my first pair back in September, but I think he likes them now.  I wear them 90% of the time so he either likes them or is just used to them.  Otherwise I think he likes the way I dress.  
  • My H likes the way I dress and compliments me often on it. He is a very PLAIN  dresser, and likes that I am NOT. 

    I used the phrase "pop of color" once, and he asked what that meant, so I explained it, and now he notices when I am wearing a "pop of color" and will always say something.

    He also likes my tall boots, and some other specific items of clothing I own.

     And he likes when I wear collared button down shirts under sweaters. 

    image image

  • I don't think he really has an opinion about anything other than my hair. He likes it long, no bangs, and would prefer blonde, although he told me a few months ago he'd "gotten used to" the dark. After 3 years.
  • I dress for myself.  He generally likes my style, but at times he hasn't loved some of the trends, but always seems to come around eventually.  Although it doesn't happen often, I wear things he doesn't like and it doesn't bother me.  If I like it, I wear it.
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    I don't know. I don't care either. I never asked because frankly, he doesn't get a vote. He has no clue about his own clothes, let alone mine.

    He does, however, always compliment my appearance when I'm "dressed up".

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  • image Tambcat:
    I don't think he really has an opinion about anything other than my hair. He likes it long, no bangs, and would prefer blonde, although he told me a few months ago he'd "gotten used to" the dark. After 3 years.

    Aw, how sweet of him to say Stick out tongue

  • I guess I dress for both. He likes my style so I'm good to go. I like it when I can dress up for him on date nights, etc. Most times, I don't think of him when I get dressed other than knowing he'll like my figure if it's dressed nicely.

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  • I'd say general H likes what I wear. He doesn't like flats though, at all, so too bad for him.  
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  • I'm lucky because my bf loves my style and always compliments me. He also has a good eye for design so I frequently ask his opinion on accessories and usually go with it.

    As for him, I help him pick out nice items for work. I've taught him how to budget shop for nice quality items (we go to the Saks outlet store frequently). 

  • I'm drawn to large, bold, floral prints, but every time I wear one my DH tells me it's crazy looking.
  • I'm trying to get out of my jeans and t-shirt rut, but everytime I wear something nice or trendy he asks me why I'm wearing my "fancy pants". 

    He hates tall boots, uggs, skinny jeans, leggings, jeggings, etc. 

    Do I care?  Nope. 

  • Yes. He's into fashion and likes what I chose.
  • We actually just had this convo last week. I don't think H likes my style at all I struggle with it. He says he likes it fine but there are certain things he hates ( which all happen to be trendy, or comfortable) like Flats, riding boots, cowboy looking boots and flat sandals. He also hates flip flops but I don't wear those anymore.

    I want to look cute from him and me although its not always easy. 

    He did convince me to go to skinny jeans though- he loves them and I think the look better on me than bootcut ( unless I'm wearing boots) and flares. 

  • I think my DH generally likes how I dress but sometimes I get a little too "rocker" for him.  He does like when I get dressed up for an event.  He was very preppy when we met but he's loosened up a bit so I like his style now too.
  • Yes, we have the same style... we're both really preppy.  The only thing he doesn't like that I do is leopard print.
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  • I think overall my H likes what I wear, but I honestly don't think he really cares. He'll tell me on days he thinks I look nice, but he rarely has anything bad to say.

    On the rare occasion that he makes a face at something at a store I usually won't buy it. For him to actually voice a negative opinion about it I know he probably really, really doesn't like it.


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  • I was in a big rut for a while because I had gained a bunch of weight and I just didn't want to buy new clothes or be adventurous because I hated the way pretty much everything looked on me. So after joining WW and losing the weight I am back to my crazy self and the Mr. loves it. Truthfully what brought us together is a pair of silver lame pants. I incorporate a lot of offbeat into my look if I can help it.

    The Mr is really punk so when he's not working he looks like a menace. I love his style when he's dressed in all his gear and his mohawk styled. When he dresses like the masses he just looks to....normal.

  • MH likes my style, he'll usually compliment me on my outfits.  But, there are certain things that he's not a fan of (my military inspired jacket, my love for leopard, flats, my faux fur collar), but I don't care because I like them.  The only exceptions were jeggings and plaid flannel shirts, he was right about those on me.  Not a good look.
  • My DH wouldn't know style if it slapped him in the face. 

    He tells me if I look nice/hot, etc. but he couldn't tell me one thing I've worn in the past week.  

    I dress for myself and other women :) 

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  • DH loves my style, but I dress and style myself for me.  I'm very fashion forward, rocker, and usually an early adopter of trends.  If things get too big too fast, I usually stray away from it quickly.  I'm not afraid of color at all and love my accessories, especially the ones I consider my signature pieces.  I have very wild hair, but it works for the industry I'm getting into.  My work has no real dress code, but the more you stand out the better you fit in.  Lol!

    DH is pretty conservative in his dress and picks out his own stuff, but will wear what I pick up for him when I'm out shopping.  He does usually ask what to wear when we are out with my friends since he doesn't want to stand out with them.  He'd rather blend.  He stays conservative mostly for his job since his dress code at work is either business or scrubs.

  • Yes, for the most part.  He likes that I don't get over-the-top dressed up and gobbs of make up and heels so high that I can barely walk.  I mean, the guy just wants to go out and have a date that can keep up with him without wincing from foot pain or constantly running to the restroom to fix her hair and makeup.  I do wear make up and I do dress up for him, but I tend to keep it low key.
  • My H wouldn't know style if it bit him on the ass.  I'm being serious.  His only request when we're going out is "hurry up."  That said, I dress for myself.

    I also do most of his shopping b/c he just won't.  When he decides he needs something he asks when I'm going to the mall again b/c he needs pants/shirts/etc.  The only thing the man can manage to buy himself is underwear at Target and athletic shoes.

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