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Can someone please recommend a good travel insurance company that we can get our money back for any reason.  Our friends are having a honeymoon celebration during hurricane season and I want to buy insurance for our trip.  TIA...

P.S. - I know its a weird situation to be going on someone's honeymoon.   

Re: Travel Insurance

  • We always use Travel Guard.  Last year, we had to cancel a trip due to a death in the family as we were boarding the plane.  TG was amazing to work with; very helpful and quick with refunding our money.

  • and will let you compare coverages.

    We normally end up with TravelEx they do primary med coverage in some odd places, however I believe our most recent policy was through CSA due to a pre existing conition rider. 

    Cancer sucks.
  • I've always purchased Travel Guard but, thankfully, never had to use it.  

  • is excellent. i've used them for years.

    and just fyi: it's trip insurance (as you're insuring the trip-not travel)  :)

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  • Go to & compare.  What may be great for some may not be great for you.  Read the fine print -- not all will allow you to cancel just b/c a hurricanne is coming. 
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