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Hi all:  I can see my tax refund being direct deposited but only for half the amount it was supposed to be.  This is the first year I've used an accountant (an actual one, highly rated on Angie's List, not H&R Block) and I've put in a call to him but I'm really confused.  It looks like this is the fund that deposits what is left when debt is taken out.  However...we don't have any debt besides our mortgage.  No child support (no kids, except the one on the way), no student loans (ever). 

I am, however, a federal employee and was overpaid last year (they kept paying certain differentials for being in a danger zone after I'd took me notifying them repeatedly for THREE PAY PERIODS to cut it off before they actually did).  However, I'm already on a payroll deduction plan for that which has been continuing through this year. 

 Anything else I should be looking out for?

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Re: TCS TREAS 449?

  • The IRS will send you a letter to explain why your deposit wasn't what you expected. 

    When you get that you can forward it to your accountant if you need help.  There's really nothing anyone can do until you get the letter.  It might be able to be fixed with a quick phone call or something!  Good luck! 

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  • Thanks, liljen.  Still here trying to delete some of the multiple postings.

     I never received a letter but found a phone number online where they'll tell you the agency that holds the lien (1-800-304-3107).  Of course, when I called, there wasn't any lien. I did more googling and found another number that got me to the right person and it's actually a debt under my DH's SSN (I was primary filer and thought that would cover both of us on our joint return - it doesn't). 

    It's even dumber than I though - the VA claims they overpaid him for GI Bill benefits last year, sent a notice to an address we haven't lived at in three years (and yes, he'd updated our address), and this is where it's coming from.  He is PISSED that it could go on his credit report (they promised to remove it but you know how that goes).  The VA guy said we could apply for a waiver to get the money but we really don't care about that - we just want to see their audit to confirm they've overpaid us and for the dang thing off his credit report!

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  • Ask your accountant about filing an "injured spouse" form. If the amount they deducted dips into "your" portion of the refund, you may be able to get some of that money back.

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