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I have 5 lbs of beef

Please help a long time vegetarian out- What should I do with it? I bought a little over 5lbs of beef cut in smallish pieces and marked as beef for stew. I'm sure it's not the best cuts, but its for the dogs, and I'm sure it's better than just dry food!

I gave them each a few pieces of it raw tonight and they were obsessed with it, but I know it's not going to last in the fridge. They don't get a ton of meat, especially not raw meat, so I will probably just add a little to their food. 

Should I freeze it in small baggies?  Can I just defrost and then feed it to them? Does it have to be cooked once it has been frozen? I don't have to cook it before I freeze it, right? If not, does it have to be thawed before giving it to them? How would you thaw it- just in the fridge?

Heidi and Lauren are very appreciative of your assistance! 


Re: I have 5 lbs of beef

  • I would freeze what you don't use right away and take it out as you need it, separated into baggies. Use it as treats would be a good choice, IMO. Once thawed it will only last a short time in your fridge. A few days, at most. I'm also wondering if you could give them the pieces frozen if they're cut small enough.

    Whether or not you need to cook it though - isn't something I can answer. I would assume not - but don't take my word on that. 

  • nitalnital member
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    You can freeze in small bags and thaw as needed.  You can thaw in the fridge, or if you want to feed it right away, thaw on the counter for an hour or so.  You can cook it if you want, but there is no need to.  
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  • Thanks, ladies. I put them into small portions into baggies in the freezer. I just wanted to make sure that once it's thawed, it is still good enough to feed it raw and doesn't get ruined or something. I know NOTHING about meat. I won't cook it if it doesn't need to be cooked after thawing. The dogs are VERY happy about my purchase (and the few pieces they may have snagged while I was bagging it up....)
  • Just wanted to point out that I LOVE that you're vegetarian and will still buy/feed your dogs fresh meat!
  • image ndolehan:
    Just wanted to point out that I LOVE that you're vegetarian and will still buy/feed your dogs fresh meat!

    Of course! It grosses me out, and I don't cook meat for people, but dogs aren't people (despite how much they try to convince me) and I know it's best for them. Granted, most of their fresh treats are fruits and veggies, because that's what I have on hand. 

    As another question- my local store always has fresh pork for sale, but I don't know what to do with that, either. Pork is good for them too, right? Can I treat it just like beef? 

  • nitalnital member
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    Pork tends to be more fatty, and duke's back end didn't do well on it.  It would be less problematic as a treat rather than full meals though.  Coral had no problems with pork
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  • Thanks for the heads up. I may try it sometime, but I won't buy a big amount.
  • Zoey eats a fully raw diet, so she can definitely tolerate more than your girls will likely be able to (beef especially is a richer meat, and too much too fast will cause runs!).

    She's got beef that's been in the freezer for months, and I've even scored year-old freezer-stored venison steaks. A little freezer burn might make us turn up our noses to foods, but the dogs don't care!

    Feeding the raw meat as treats is a great idea. If you ever work up to giving the girls meaty bones, they'll love you even more than they do now! A nice raw beef rib is one of Zoey's faves!

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  • They will definitely like it.  I feed raw every day so you could give it raw as a treat and just portion it into smaller baggies.  I also will cook some steak for treats for my boy for when I'm training.  For that since I'm handling it and doing things, I cook it rather than giving it raw or you could dehydrate it.
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