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mom question re: kids clothing

How many sets of clothes do you think toddlers in daycare need (accounting for spares to be kept there)? How many do you think are needed during potty training? Is it significantly more?

Right now DD has 5 pairs of pants in the size she is moving up into and I am wondering how many more I should get her. I think she could use a couple more at least, but she has been starting to show some interest in PT and I wonder if that bumps up the number.

Re: mom question re: kids clothing

  • Before DS was PTing, I kept one spare outfit at daycare (pants, shirt, socks).  Since he's been PT'ing, I keep 2 of everything there.  In addition, if DS has an accident I end up doing laundry 2x a week now instead of just one so we can really use a lot of the same clothes if needed.

  • I've only ever kept one spare outfit at daycare ever, PTing or not.  My kids had fewer accidents there than at home because there was a more regular schedule there. 
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  • No idea on how many outfits total they need.  We get a ton of hand me downs so we have plenty of clothes, but it's ridiculous how many outfits they have.  I did do laundry more frequently while PTing lexi, not as much with Lucy because lucy didn't have accidents, Lexi did though.
    Mama to Lucy (7/06), Lexi (5/09), and Max (11/11) M/C 12/17/10
  • When we did PTing, she only had one accident at school, and that was because she didn't realize there was a potty out by the playground. So we would have been fine with just sending one extra set of clothes.

    We really didn't have many accidents when we were PTing, so we wouldn't have needed extra clothes.

    Dresses and leggings worked best for us. It took about a month for her to be able to really do jeans or cords on her own.

  • I typically keep two sets of things at daycare for DS, because if one gets used, I inevitably forget to bring a replacement right away. With potty training, I envisioned like 5 pair of pants a day when talking to the teachers the other day if we went straight to undies, but so far, I don't think he's quite there, so we're still waiting.
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    There were a ton of recommendations below but IDK where they went.  I know there are some other nesties that are photographers.  Have you tried the knot on their denver board?  Also where are you located...Denver, FC, CO springs, ect...

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