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It has been a whirlwind, but she is here! *LONG!!*

Hi girls!  I know that Chelsea posted on here that Camryn Noelle has arrived.  Thanks Chels!  There was NO way I was going to be able to post!!  Camryn Noelle arrived on February 5, 2012 at 7:42 pm.  She weighed 5 lbs, 3 oz and was 18.5 in long.  She was a COMPLETE surprise, as she was 6 weeks early!  Here is her birth story!!

I was admitted to the hospital on Friday, January 27 after a routine weekly OB appt.  My BP was sky high, and I had already been on bedrest for a couple of weeks.  OB was monitoring me weekly, with the intention of releasing me back to work as soon as my BP was under control.  Unfortunately, on 400 MG of meds it STILL wasn't. He admitted me to the hospital for monitoring.  Unfortunately, this was also the evening of Isaiah's 5th birthday :-(.  Luckily, I got to do a little celebrating with him, but I still felt HORRIBLE that this occurred!  Anyways, they monitored me over night, ran tests and I was released REALLY late the following evening.  The next morning, Sun Jan 29, Isaiah left for a disney cruise with my inlaws.  This was his 5th bday present from them. Before they left, MIL kept stressing how I needed to get my hospital bag packed, and take care of last minute things because the baby would be here before I knew it.  She wanted to buy us the carseat as soon as they got back, and she promised DH that she and FIL would help him to set up the crib and put together her stroller, Rock N Play, and help us to be buy any essentials I did not get at my shower (scheduled at work for two days later).  DH laughed this all off because he felt she was still weeks away from arriving.

During the week while DS was gone on his trip, I tried to tie up as many loose ends as I could at work bc the doc had put me on bedrest and upped my meds again (now to 600 mg a day) when he released me from the hospital.  I informed work I would not be back prior to DD's arrival.  I did SORT of pack a hospital bag, but never got around to putting more than a robe, slippers and some pjs in it.

DS and the IL's returned from their trip on Thurs.  On fri we went and bought the carseat, and Sat night FIL and DH put everything they promised to, together.  After getting the crib all set up, they sat down on the couch to watch tv.  I plopped down next to them at 10 pm, and told them, "well, everything's ready.  She can come anytime now!!"  I patted my belly, not knowing what was to come!  My water broke less than 3 hrs later, at about 1245 am.

I was in complete disbelief that my water actually broke.  I lost my mucus plug on Fri morn, but I thought you could go weeks without going into labor, so I really did not think anything of it.  I was laying in bed playing on my kindle when all af a sudden a felt a big gush of water.  I thought maybe i'd tinkled a bit lol.  The water did not stop, and after going through 3 pairs of underwear with pads and a couple of pairs of pants in a matter of minutes, I finally gave in and called the on call OB.  She instructed me to go to L&D triage.

I was probably a sight with my soaking wet yoga pants (atleast they were black) when I arrived at the hospital.  Once their, I was still under the assumption they would check me and send me home, but they tested the fluid I was leaking and confirmed my water had broken.  The nurse said, "Yes, your water did break.  You're not leaving without a baby!!"  I could not believe it.  I was 34 weeks pregnant to the day.  It was probably about 3 am when I was moved to a labor and delivery room.  It appeared that I was having contractions on the monitor, but other than some mild cramping I did not feel anything.  The nurse urged us to get some sleep (ya right).  I still was not really feeling anything when the doc came in at about 9 am.  She checked my cervix (OH MY GOD this hurt REALLY BAD).  It hurt so bad because DD was REALLY high up and had not dropped at all.  The OB literally had her whole ARM up my vagina trying to feel her head.  She said I was a good 2 cm dialated, almost 3, and confirmed that DD had hair :-) She wanted to start pitocin in the hopes that DD would drop and I would dialiate more.  After i had the confirmation that I was only a couple of cm dialated, I called my mom in NH.  She was planning on coming down on Tues to help me out indefinitely since I was on bedrest.  SHe was shocked to hear that I was in labor, and planned to board a flight that afternoon.  She hoped to make it in time for Camryn's delivery. 

Pitocin started about 10 am and I urged DH to go home and get some stuff we needed, as well as shower, change and lay down for a bit.  DS was home with my inlaws, and I wanted to make sure all was well with him too.  DH left (very reluctantly), and while he was gone my contractions REALLY picked up.  When he returned at 2 pm, I was gripping the bedrails and moaning in pain lol.  At this point, I had NO idea how dialated I was, and I felt like I was in a lot of pain, so I was hoping I was far.  I toyed with the idea of getting an epi, and asked my nurse around 3 pm about my pain med options.  We were thinking she would give me some IV pain meds.  She paged the doc to let her know I was in need of something, and by the time the doc called back I was really in a lot of pain.  It was probably about 4 pm, and the doc stated she wanted to come check me herself before i got the IV meds because my BP was HIGH (it had been on and off alllll day).  About 5 pm, doc comes and checks me.  AGAIN, PAIN PAIN PAIN.  DD had NOT dropped and I was only 4 cm dialated.  From the looks of how high my contractions were on the monitor, she felt I really did need pain meds, but recommended I get an epi bc she was concerned about how high my BP was and felt it might bring it down.  She felt if DD did not descend by about 7 pm, 18 hrs into labor, she might start thinking about recommending a c section bc they like to have the baby delivered within 18-24 hrs of my water breaking for risk of infection concerns.  I was in a lot of pain, so the epi sounded WONDERFUL.  She ordered it, and at 6 pm the doc came to give it to me.  DH left the room bc he didn't think he could handle seeing it, lol and went downstairs to eat something.  Oh btw---as a side note, when your water breaks and you are headed to the hospital, hit a drive thru!  I had not eaten since 7 pm when my water broke at 1245 am, and once I was admitted I could only have ice chips.  I was SOOOOO hungry I was literally day dreaming about food and begging dh to smuggle me in some McD's lol.  We were so freaked out that my water broke bc I was so early, that the only thing we could think of was to book it to L&D.

Anyways, DH went to eat and to watch the beginning of the Super Bowl (GO PATS!!).  He returned just before kickoff at 630, and I had just had the epi.  It was starting to kick in, and since the doc said it normally takes about an hr to dialate an inch, I thought I had hours to go.  I told DH to watch the game, that now I was comfortable and wanted to sleep.  I had not rolled over and closed my eyes for more than 2minutes, when I got an INTENSE pain in my pelvic area, and felt pressure.  It hurt bad and it did not feel like my contractions had, so it freaked me out bc I could not breathe through it like I did with my contractions.  It was a different pain and I yelled to dh that something wasn't right and to get the nurse.  I was crying b y this point and when she came in, I told her what I felt and she said that even tho I got the epi I'd still feel pressure, which was a good thing bc I'd be able to push appropriately when the time came.  I cried to her that this did NOT feel like pressure, but INTENSE pain in my pelvis.  SHe checked me and in a matter of MINUTES I had gone from 4 cm to 8!!!!  She couldn't believe it.  She told me to lay back and try to work through it bc it prob would not be long now.  SHe had not walked out of the room for 2 minutes when the pain was soooo unbearable, I literally screamed!  She came rushing back in, checked me again and was like, "OH MY GOD!  You are ten, baby is RIGHT there, and you are ready to push!!!"  I was like, "WHaaa?!"  Before I knew what was happening, my feet were up in stirrups, a gazillioon nurses swarmed in with the doc, and I was pushing.  It took about 45 min to push and there she was!  She was born RIGHT Before halftime, just before the Pats scored their first touchdown.  :-)  Win or not, she was our lucky charm!  i will admit that in btw pushes we were all watching the game lol.

They held her up for us to see, but whisked her over to the side where she was checked out by a whole team of people (who I later found out where the NICU team and the Neonatologist).  She was breathing on her own, and so after a few minutes, they swaddled her up and brought her over to see me.  Then she was taken to the NICU. 

Unfortunately, my mom made it to the hospital literally 5 min after I gave birth.  But, I told her it was better off anyways, bc I was not intending to have the whole team of people in their due to baby being so premature.  It would have really freaked her out I think. 

I did tear during delivery (which I did not feel thank God).  I got a bunch of stitches, and I really think I tore bc DD descended SOO quickly.  It was literally over in less than an hour from the time I was administered the epi. 

It took a long time for them to get her situated in the NICU before we could see her.  It was really hard to see her with all the wires and monitors, but we were SO grateful she did not require any oxygen, which the doc said was GREAT for a 34 weeker.  She could suck and swallow as well, which was another thing many babies can't do when they are born premature.  The thing that DID bother me, was that I did NOT expect her to have an extended stay in the NICU.  I thought they would monitor her overnight and then bring her to me.  I was devastated to find out that she would prob require a 2-3 week stay.  I was SO upset in my hospital room, and just kept praying that would change.

Camryn did AWESOME in the NICU.  Her weight went down to 4 lbs, 15 oz, but she was eating well and moving in the right direction.  The doc predicted she would be out in a week, but did admit that he usually kept preemies her age for an additional week, so that was a possibility.  It broke my heart when I was discharged without her.  I never want to feel like that again.  Luckily, the doc kept his word and she did get released at one week old.  She is now home, happy, healthy and weighs 5 lbs 11 oz at 3 weeks old.

Life with a newborn has been really good!  The only issue we have had so far is breastfeeding.  Camryn got a bottle in the NICU with a special formula to help her put on weight.  I breastfed her wheN I was their, and pumped to supplement the formula.  It took almost a week for my milk to come in fully, so she mostly got the formula.  She does breastfeed fine, but she does not get enough from me I dont think.  She can breastfeed for an hr to an hr and a half, and seem like she got nothing and then down a bottle of formula like she never even drank anything from me.  So, I am toying with giving up BF'ing, for formula feeding, which has been tough!

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Re: It has been a whirlwind, but she is here! *LONG!!*

  • Oh my what a beautiful baby and beautiful big brother!!!  That picture after that story brought tears to my eyes!  Congratulations !!!  Welcome back!
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  • Congratulations!!!!  She looks like a doll baby in her brother's arms.  Love the pink outfit and flower headband.  Enjoy your new little one!
  • Congratulations! Such a proud big brother Big Smile
    Lilypie Second Birthday tickers
  • Congrats! She's absolutely precious!
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  • Congratulations and thank you for sharing your story!
  • Congrats! What an amazing story. I love that she was a Super Bowl baby. And I agree, she does look like a doll with her big brother.
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  • Congrats and thanks for sharing.  She is beautiful!!  LOVE the big brother pic.  Glad to hear you and Camryn are doing well :)
    Carter Douglas 09.25.12


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  • Congrats!  Loved reading your story.  Thanks for sharing!  

    I'm sorry you didnt get to come home from the hospital with your baby - I know how it feels :*(  But at least her NICU stay was short!  Don't beat yourself up about the BF thing.  I had supply issues too and I definitely think part of that stems from not having baby home with you initially. 

    She's absolutely beautiful!  Enjoy all of her snuggles :)

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  • Congratulations!  Love the pic of her with her brother!
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  • Congratulations!  She's so tiny and precious :)


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  • Congratulations Kelly!  I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am for you for FINALLY getting your take home baby.  Man, your story is really inspiring to me and it reminds me to not give up home in TTC.  

    What a miracle and a blessing from God she is!  May you enjoy this very special time :) 

    Baby Macy is here!

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  • Congratulations! Love the picture of her being held by her big brother- so sweet!

    I was born very premature too and wound up having to stay in the hospital for a month. My mom said leaving there without her baby was the most difficult thing she'd ever had to do. I'm sorry you had to go through that too, but glad she is already home and doing well! So happy for you!

  • Congratulations on your Super Bowl baby!  She is beautiful!
  • Congrats!!  So glad to hear that you all are doing well!
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  • I love the pic of your son holding your new daughter, so adorable! Congratulations :)
  • That is a wonderful story, Kelly! I am so happy for you guys!

    Did they have to give you medicine to help mature her lungs faster? that is great that she didn't even need oxygen and was only there for a week! :)

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  • She is precious! Thanks for sharing your story! Congratulations, Kelly!
    Ellie ~ 3.29.12
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