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s/o Money....Gifts

How do you feel about disclosing how much you spent on a gift?

My mom always taught us to cut tags off gifts and or black out prices because it wasn't appropriate for people to know how much you spent on them. I had a roommate back in the day and she'd always worry about gifts for her mother because she knew as soon as she gave her mother a gift, the mother would ask how much she spent on it and then either scold her for spending too much or too little. I thought that was horribly rude.

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Re: s/o Money....Gifts

  • I'm with you, I normally remove all tags, or black out the price before giving the gift out. I rather the other person not know how much I spent. I also never ask my family how much you spent on say, my brother, the babies, etc. That's none of my business.
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  • I think it's tacky to leave a price tag on, so I typically take them off.  That's the thing about gift cards though, when you give those the recipient definately knows how much you've spent!  Yea that's incredibly rude of your roommates mom, my mom or MIL would NEVER do that.  We did get MIL a Kindle for christmas and something like that you just know the general amount, and she gushed that we never should have spent that much on her, but she was very appreciative.
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  • omg - yes, I cut off/remove tags before I give anyone a gift.

    I occassionally receive gifts for DD w/ tags still on them and that doesn't really bother me.

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  • I always remove the price tag - sometimes I get a really good deal, sometimes I know I overspent.  But in general I just think it's tacky to leave the price tag on or to inquire as to the cost.  Gift-giving in my opinion doesn't have anything to do with the amount one spends.

    My parents get annoyed sometimes at us with gifts because they think we spend too much.  My dad especially gets mad. I think its because my parents don't "need" anything and they see any money we spend on them as money we aren't saving, putting towards any children (for my brother and now H and me), etc. 

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  • I don't like revealing how much I spent and when a really great deal one something to give, I'm terrified the person will want/need to return it and they'll find out anyway.  I always remove tags.

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  • I typically remove the price portion of the tag.

    My MIL asked DH and I to write her a list of what people gave us for our wedding (monetary amts to each person).  That didn't happen!

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    Gift-giving in my opinion doesn't have anything to do with the amount one spends.


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