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My Grandma is dying... Advice please

I can only afford to travel once to her state (she is in Illinois, I am in Florida).  I want to go now so I can see her, tell her goodbye, let her see my boys, etc.  If I go now I will not be able to go back for her funeral.  Flights for the boys and I will be around $2000.  I will feel forever guilty if I miss the funeral, but I want to see her, speak to her, hug her, and tell her how much I love her. 

What would you do?

Re: My Grandma is dying... Advice please

  • Go now and say "I love you" when it matters.:)

    She'll love to see the kiddoes, too. Wishing you luck.
  • Go now and bring your boys to see her and tell her you love her.

    When her funeral comes around you can send flowers or you could write a letter/speech or something and ask if it could be read at her service.

    Sorry that you're faced with such a hard decision.

  • Ditto PP - go now and spend time with her while you still can.  It is a gift to have the chance to say everything you want to while they're still here - as tough as it may be at the time.  
  • Go now. She will love seeing you and the kids, and you will get to say goodbye.

  • Go and see her now.
  • Absolutely now. It's going to mean more to all of you to see her again. 

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  • I would absolutely go see her now! I heard a phrase once- "funerals are for the living". I think it applies in this situation, while it would be ideal if you could go both times, funerals are generally for those who are grieving and left behind. If you can see her now, and let her see her grandchildren, I'm sure you will bring her so much joy.
  • Go now. It'll be a good memory you'll have after she's gone.
  • Go now.  We all flew out to see my Grandpa when he was dying from cancer.  DH and I were the last ones to get there and he died five minutes after we left.  He waited until he could see all of us and say goodbye.  That time was priceless.  I absolutely know we did the right thing.  None of us were able to go back for his funeral. 
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  • Thanks you guys.  We're going next Thursday.  It's going to be really hard, but I know in my heart it will mean the world to her to see me and the boys.  Thanks for your kind words.
  • I am sorry you are going through this.  Go see her now.  You won't regret that.
  • I agree that funerals are for the living. While it would be nice if you could support the rest of your family at the funeral, I wholeheartedly agree that it is far more important to have a last few moments with your grandma. I would go now.

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  • Go now.  You'll regret not seeing her alive one more time more than you will missing her funeral.

    I would most definately go and say goodbye and I love you one more time to her.

  • I am so glad you are going now.  Take care of yourself during this difficult time.
  • Go now! When my DH's grandma passed we drove from Atlanta to St. Louis with his mom so she could say good bye. I was so happy that we could all be there. I think it means more to tell her in person than to show up for her funeral.
  • What would you say to her dead?

     Say it while she's alive so that both of youi can treasure it

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