Congrats misoangry and swank

I could just cry.  There were two categories where I didn't change them at the last minute----one in particular cost me. :-( :-(

I should've known Hugo would get Visual Effects over Rise of Planet of Apes, no matter what the odds were.  (There were Plummer/Spencer type odds for Rise to win that one.)


1st  misoangry  59
1st  Swank's picks  59
3rd  JulieFe's picks  57
4th  Mellie38's picks  56
5th  kimandross's picks 


 edited again:  Seriously, how can a person lose by one point one year and two points the next?  Sigh. Sigh.

Romney-Portman 2012 ORGAN DONOR: DEAL WITH IT. :-) :-)

Re: Congrats misoangry and swank

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