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Opinions: Drama seeking?

Do you guys think it would be drama seeking (and/or weird otherwise) to have a tumor-free party?

Within the last 3 weeks I found out I had a (benign) brain tumor, had surgery, a week in the hospital, and a week at rehab. I still have a long recovery ahead of me, but DH and I thought about having a party once I'm better to celebrate.

But I kind of feel like I'm being dramatic or somehow asking for attention with it. Part of me wants weird brain jello molds and to have fun with it, another part wants a simple champagne party just to toast and celebrate friends and family.


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Re: Opinions: Drama seeking?

  • I think the champagne toast would be the better option. ?I hope you have a speedy recovery. ?
  • Agree, maybe a Health, Wealth, and Happiness party instead?  The champagne would fit in well with this theme?
  • I agree, just have a small intimate dinner with close friends and family and have a champagne toast.

    Glad to hear you are well.

  • Uh, did you say you had your brain operated on, a week in the hospital, brain tumor, etc etc?

    Do whatever the F you want. Have a champagne toast and jello molds. You've been through a lot! So glad it wasn't worse!

  • I agree -- you have the party you want, and let people react however they want! People react different ways to their own fears about these kinds of life-threatening situations, so you can't tailor what you have to every guest. I'm sure you'll come up with a way to convey the essence of what you're celebrating that feels comfortable, especially if you keep the focus on health rather than illness, you know?

    And by the way, I'm glad to hear that a) you have such amazing reason to celebrate and b) you feel like hosting a celebration at all! May you have many many years of great health/happiness/prosperity parties ahead.

  • I think that both would be fine.  If the jello mold is more your sense of humor, I say go for it.  If it's not normally you, I'd go for something different.  :)
    Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.
  • thanks everyone for the replies! I do want to celebrate, and it's kind of my personality to make light of things... but I don't want people to think I'm being macrabre or shocking just for the sake of it; or even have a party if it seems weird or off putting.

    I think I like the champagne party with one quirky element so it's not so "out there", but I can still remind people I went through a lot.

    It's very scary - don't let people tell you your headaches or whatever other ailments you have are normal. Off my soapbox!

    74 books read in 2011
  • I think it's awesome to do a Celebration of Life party. ?If you wanna make it less "drama seeking", make a donation to brain cancer research or something and include that as part of the celebration.
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  • You had brain surgery. Do whatever the f*** you want!  Who cares what people think. You now know how precious life is. Celebrate!
  • OMG - Stacey, I'm so sorry! I'm getting to this late and many many hugs to you! It feels like I just saw you the other week too before this all happened. Sad

    I would definitely do a celebration type dinner, to celebrate life and the special family and friends around you. Maybe something along the lines of giving thanks for the many blessings you have. If there is anything I can do, please let me know *hugs*

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