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I heard something disturbing tonight

One of the kids I babysit (11 year old boy) told me there is this girl who has been pursuing him for a while even though he's made it 100% clear he just wants to be friends. Today apparently she told him she was going to cut herself if he didn't date her.

This girl is 10 years old forfuuucksake! When did dating at that age become such a huge deal?! 

I told him how serious saying something like that was, that it wasn't a joke and it wasn't something to ignore. I made him tell his parents everything when they got home, and they are going to call her parents. I also referred an awesome therapist. 


As a former long-term cutter, this just made me sick to my stomach. 





Re: I heard something disturbing tonight

  • :((((

    Ugh heartbreaking. 

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    Mark 14:52

  • Wow. 10 is so young. I'm hoping it's an unfounded threat. And I'm really impressed with the way you handled it. Even just reading this flooded me with so many bad memories...I'm not sure I could have been as composed as you were. All the right people are in line to get this girl some help.
  • My goodness, that's awful.  Just when I think I can't hear anything more disturbing about the state of children today, I hear something like this.  It often makes me wonder just where rock bottom will be.
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    I don't know this kid or this monkey, but their side-eyes are strong.

  • Heartbreaking but unfortunately it is not surprising :-(  It is scary how young that stuff starts.  DD's friend who tried killing herself has been better but DD was really worried when BFF's boyfriend broke up with her cause he moved away.  
    You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be misquoted and used against you. My Blog
  • This makes me terrified of having children.

  • It's all Justin Bieber's fault.

    Well it's not entirely his fault.  But he's a prime example of the problem.  What's happening is that girls are being taught younger and younger to be interested in boys.  There's no reason to market stuff with 17 year old boy to 6-8 year old girls. 

    TV shows, music, everything is focused on dating and relationships.  Of course after hearing every other song about having a boyfriend/girlfriend, girls are going to start thinking that something is wrong, with them if they don't have one.

    It's makes me want to barf every time I hear a 6 year old girl say "Justin Bieber's so cuuute, hee's my boyfrieennd." While their parents laugh their a$$es off.

    OMG.  Let your little girl be LITTLE.


  • did you tell him that he can't control what she does?!?!?  

    in high school, my boyfriend attempted suicide and i was all, "it's myyyy faaaaaault."  seriously,i landed in therapy for a looooooong time over, "i'll kill myself if you break up with me" guy.  i truly thought i almost killed him.

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  • what a sad story it is!!
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