PIP: I could cry!

I just noticed this morning that the white on Renzo's muzzle is slowly creeping up his face.  I don't want him to get an "Old Man Face" because that means he is no longer a little baby.  :-(  (Who am I kidding?  He is 5 1/2 years old!)

Someone really needs to invent a way for our pets to stay with us forever!



Re: PIP: I could cry!

  • We just noticed the same thing on Dakota's face! She's also 5.

    Your puppy is growing up! 

  • Aww, he is so distinguished now!  But I feel you.  I want to cry every time I think about Bella getting old and she is barely 2. 
  • Heart-breakin isn't it. I keep noticing more and more on Ringo. But then he acts like a puppy and its all good again. Kobe on the other hand acts like the old man.
  • Cosmo's gray moved from just her chin up to her top lips in the last few months. It makes me so sad....  she's 6 1/2, but I'm not ready for her to not be a puppy anymore. 
    image image

  • Chocolate labs gray really early. My six almost seven year old lab has been gray since she was two and her whole face is gray now. She is still a puppy at heart though!
  • Foley is only 4 and he's been gray for almost 2 years :(.  Plus he acts like such an old fart.  Meanwhile our black lab/dane foster has no gray and he's almost 6.
  • Awww!

    It is hard watching them get older but I sure am a sucker for a grey face!

  • He still is handsome! 
  • Coopers white is spreading all over his face too. He's always been white on the sides of his nose, but now its extending back a bit...& randomly on his face in places. He has a spot where he got bit over his eye at 3/4 years of age & when the scab finally fell off the hair grew back white. He was young then, but it still made me sad!
    Cooper age 8, Taylor age 14

  • Beau is starting to do the same..... he turns 6 in May.  He hasn't gotten the eyebrows yet but he has a full white chin and is working on some white cheek whiskers :(

    Pepper, the not so wonder pup
  • Waaa!  G was graying on her gray when we adopted her at 4.  I wish they could live forever!!!!!
  • Aww! Pel started greying weeks after we brought him home--maybe it was part of his adjustment to retirement (he's only 3!)
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